Thursday, February 08, 2007


We all have things we are impatient over. I get impatient over item's I purchase yet never come, getting lied to, and being told somethings been sent again, and still lied too, oh and of course supposely my money's going to be refunded. But anyways.
Then there's my old neighbor, we had our youngests on the same day, same hospital. She's pg again 3 days from her EDD (estimated due date) and because she's dealing with some discomfort (what 9 mo. pg woman isn't???) but for the last 2 weeks her drs been encouraging her to induce and so tonight she is. I personally think it's crazy. Let the baby come when she's ready. I guess because we had Jack 2 weeks early and he had fluid on the lungs and spent 8 days in NICU I will not rush this baby growing in me. We'll wait as long as we can for her to be born. If they would let me have a vaginal birth I would, but after 3 c-sections I know they won't.

I know we all have our thing that we're impatient over, but when it's about the health of our children, and it's our choice we need to put our kids first before our own comfort. When do we stop being so self involved and start putting our children first? I am truly frustrated with her and mostly sad that if her baby does not come out completely healthy she ultimately only has her self to blame, because she could have said no.
I'll be spending tonight prayering for this baby as she gets forced to be born possibly before she's really ready.


Scott B. said...

Praying for wisdom and direction to the doctors and nurses and everybody involved.