Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little this and a lot of nothing

I'm tired and absolutely will be going to bed soon! Our time changed this past weekend over here in Germany and the rest of Europe. The extra hour of sleep you think would have helped, but nope...the good thing is that lately I've been going to bed earlier, except for last night I was up late, but I was talking to a friend online who's having a hard time right now and friends are always worth staying up late(r) for.

Emma's been insanely cranky and just in a bad mood. Of course being the oh so observant mother that I am...I just realized she got a new tooth through. Gee can you guess why she's so crabby? I am pretty sure she's working on more so I've been generously dousing her gums with orajel and even gave her some pain reliever today because she was just screaming her head off and it was that or I was considering putting her out in the hall way in our stairwell. Oh did I just type that!?!

I have to say I have not had a lot of patience with the kids the last few days. I'm fairly crabby and always tired. I think the lack of sleep over the last 8 1/2 yrs is definately catching up. The past few weeks feels like I've done nothing but run and although this past weekend I didn't do anything, being sick is just as draining, if not more draining than when you're on the go constantly. I wish I could say tomorrow is a down day, but it's not! I have Emma's pictures at 10 am and then an apt in the afternoon. I'm watching my friend B's kids tomorrow, I'm going to go get them at a little after 5 tomorrow, then we're going up to the elementary school here on post and taking all the kids trick or treating there, then we'll come back here eat and relax until B and her husband come and get them. They're going to a Hail and Farewell dinner, so it'll probably last a couple hours. Of course Friday's Halloweek so we know that day is going to be crazy. Friday morning I have an apt to have a facial, then after that we get to have a VTC with Chad! I'm excited! I'm going to have the kids change at my friends house where I'm having the facial at, into their Halloween costumes so Daddy can see them, plus the Rear D's having a costume contest so they can join in on that! After that, we'll come home, have lunch, and then the boys will do some school work while Emma naps. After that I'm going to the gym to help set up our PWOC booth, which is a maze out of cardboard boxes. Someone did it last year and it was a HUGE hit, the kids loved it! At 5 is when the Fall Festival starts and I'm taking my 3 and my downstairs neighbors son. I know it'll be fun, but I'll be rightfully exhausted I am sure! Oh and on Friday the weather is supposed to be "A WinterMix"....lovely! Thank goodness we'll be indoors!

Ok, well I've pretty well blathered about nothing for long enough and am finding myself closing my eyes and fighting harder and harder to keep them opened, so that's a SURE sign that it's time for this momma to head to bed. I have a 5 yr old already cuddled up in it, so hopefully he warmed it up, but I doubt it! LOL

Good night and God Bless


Linda said...

Are they still letting the entire city of Bamberg on post for trick or treating in Officer land? That was just too nutty for me. I'm glad they have the Halloween alternative...I am going to be going to ours here too...I think the kids will enjoy it more than just going door to door.

Barb said...

Hi Christy!!!! I found you! xoxBarb