Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well child apts, crayons up the nose, and AWANA

Emma has her 2 yr well child check up. Now for some of you, you may GASP when you find out this was Emma's 2nd EVER well child check up! She got one when she was I believe 4 weeks old, got 2 shots and that was it, until Friday. With each of my children I learn more and more, sometimes my opinions and views stay the same, sometimes they change from night to day! Well with each I've found myself more and more on the road of delayed vaccinations, as well as with the thought that unless they are sick I am not taking my children into the clinic to only be exposed to what ever illness is on this post! (It's a small post, with a tiny clinic...something's always going around, seriously ALWAYS). So after a great deal of prayer and a ton of research I decided to wait on vaccinating Emma anymore, until she was two and her immune system was stronger and she would need fewer vaccinations! So first things first...she's the peanut that I've always known her to be! She weighs in at a tiny 24.6 lbs for those who are hung up, oh I mean like percentages...she's in the 11% for weight, at one point she was at 3%, but thriving and eating like a champ and her height was very low and she actually evened out, so no concerns! She hadn't had a huge drop, she was just very petite!!) Her height, she's TALL so she's thin and tall (she's living the dream ladies! ROFL..seriously just kidding! All I care about is she's healthy and happy), she's 33.3 inches tall which is in the 84.6 % for height! See Tall and thin! I have to say what's really funny is the day before she was in a little dress and her legs were so long, I couldn't get over it. I kept telling her "Emma when did your legs get so long?" She would just giggle and lift her leg above her head! (She's my CLASSY girl, I have to tell you...remember she was in a dress!!)

So while at the apt, I tell her dr that we noticed it looked like she had a small piece of paper up her nose, that we could not retrieve! He looks up and says "yes she does have a piece of paper up there" he left to go get his retrieval instrument and the nurse, who's this tiny little thing and I tell him "She's VERY strong, we may need more help, because I will NOT lay across her" so he has her go get another nurse (he had told her a particular name) in comes a nice strong male nurse!) he takes her body, while I hold her head still, talking to her and reassuring her she's going to be ok, wiping the tears away as she's SCREAMING "I scared, Mommy, I scared"....oh my heart (of course she was also scared before that because she had to lay on the drs table and she's in this stage of being terrified of all things that are not WIDE or the floor when she's laying aka HATES changing tables (Which is where the fear began). So anyways, the dr gets a tiny, itty bitty piece of it out of her nose and we still think it's paper, he goes in again (let me tell you this IS a skill btw!) and pulls it all out and it's NOT paper. It's white and the dr has no clue what it is, I look at it and knew immediately! It was the tip of a white crayon. You know the beautiful perfect top of a crayong when you first get it, from where the paper ends to the very tip, yep she had it all up in her nose! INSANE I tell you! I am not sure if she stuck it up there and it broke off then or it the tip had already broken off and she stuck it up there (either way would NOT surprise me! Oh that girl! So afterwards, we went back to the immunization clinic (I should say room!) so we go back and thankfully it's a NEW immunization nurse and I tell her we have delayed vaccinations and I want them one at a time, and she's great with it! (The total opposite of the last nurse that worked back there, who was horrible!) So that was great!! Emma got the Hep. B vax, she cried of course, but it was over fast and she got over it quickly and had no ill effects! Which I didn't expect her to. (I'm not anti-vaccinations..just pro-delayed...although I AM anti Flu shot and the new H1N1 flu vaccination and thinks EVERYONE needs to do their research on this new vaccination and have their facts before they allow something to be put into their body that has not even been created a year ago and right now there's a lot of information that's showing it's dangers and ones that I find convincing).

Jacob had his 2nd football game today and Jack had his 2nd soccer game Thursday. Thursday I forgot my camera. I need to download today's football photo's though. Jacob did well, he plays guard and hit HARD! I'm not sure what the score was, but we won! Last weeks game we scored more points than our team did all together the previous season! (The score last week was 32 (us) to 28). Jackson's soccer team does not keep score, although the kids sure do. Last week our team won, this week they didn't (Jack informed me! LOL).

Tomorrow (well it's officially today here in Germany!) we start back up on AWANA!! (Approved Workman Are Not Afraid -2 Timothy 2:15)! I love AWANA, LOVE IT!! I love seeing children learning GOD's word, love knowing that all these versus that they are memorizing are going into their hearts to stay for the rest of their life. I love that for some of these children, this is their only chance to learn about Jesus. I love that I can see my own children memorizing GOD's word, as we work on the verses throughout the week and then see via the records that they got them and go home and review them and keep on moving on to new verses! Most of the kids favorite time is Game time! Chad (my hubby) is the Games director and is always well loved by the kids!
So if you want to pray for all of us volunteers (I'm the Spark's Director) and most of all the kids!


bp said...

Oh girl, I loved your telling of the well child check. I would never have guessed it to be the crayon tip! Wow! I'm glad they got it out.

bp said...

LOL How funny, I just realized the title of this post, it didn't click before I read it I guess!

Bri said...

Oh Emma, you silly girl! Crayons are for coloring, not hiding up your nose! I'm glad the doctor was able to safely and quickly retrieve the little nose treasure!

I'll be praying for this new year with AWANA. I completely understand the feeling/emotion that comes with working with children via outreach. I've done a lot of volunteer work through church and non-church affiliated (scouts and such) but my absolute most treasured moment as a volunteer was when I was coaching Upward cheerleading. One of my sweet cheerleaders raised her hand in request to recieve Jesus. It still overflows my heart and eyes to remember that moment.

"Lord, I pray that this AWANA year, Christy and her fellow volunteers are all witness to moments like that. That the seeds You use them to plant take root and that as those children (and parents) go about day to day life, You would put strong faithful people in their paths to water those seeds, to encourage them in their growth. Amen"

Amanda said...

Prayers for you=check!

WOW!! About the crayon. Wow!!

ANd you have a powerful testimony about the vaccinations... thank you for sharing it!!! I do hope you make people think!!


Beth in NC said...

Oh my goodness, what a trip to the doctor! Your poor little girl. I hate for my little one to be afraid. I'm glad she is OK.

I hate giving my daughter vaccines. I want to trust that the doctors know what is best, but I feel leery. I also agree with you about the new flu vaccine. NO WAY is that getting near my child.

Amy said...

Love it! Life is great, huh?
Thinking of you as we fught the flu. I keep telling myself that you fought the GI bug so many times while Chad was gone! I can do this! :)

Janis said...

Our Awana starts tomorrow - I'm excited and a little nervous...much to learn but I'm super excited and so pleased that my girls will get to be a part of it!!!! :)

Linda said...

Wow! A crayon up the nose. Glad they got it out! Manda (my daughter) is thinking about doing the delayed vaccinations also for Layla. Linda