Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I just got back yesterday from Willengen, Germany for ATC (Annual Training Conference). It was just so amazing! We were constantly doing something from 8 until 9 pm with in the conference and then we'd go to our new local board Presidents room and have bonding time. Saturday night we spent probably the first hour in her room singing. We have an amazing woman who plays guitar, we each picked a song from her book and we just sang. It was beautiful. Then we talked about what our expectations and desires were for the up coming year. We spent so much time laughing that my stomach was just killing me because of the muscles being used! LOL

I learned a great deal about my board position that I did not know during the class that was specifically for the Outreach Rep. I loved that class and just truly got so much out of it. Every class I took was just simply awesome and I walked out of there loving it and just loved how amazing God was in the class, teaching not just me but the room full of women new things about him and about ourselves and how to share those things with other women and even our families and friends!

I can't imagine how anyone lives without Jesus in their life. He doesn't promise to make it easier, but he promises to be there with you every step of the way and he is. He's been through the absolute worst and the absolute best that life has to offer. He loves us so much that he died for us! I honestly ache for those who don't know him. How lost they must feel.

I know that our PWOC is truly an amazing one. We're a small Army community yet we really have a large group that comes week after week (for the size of our community). We have so many amazing women, God-fearing/loving women, who inspire me, encourage me, and make me want to be a better woman, mother, and most of all Christian.

Sunday night was probably the most emotional for me. During our general session it began (every time actually) with singing. The lady who lead it sang a song that just tore my heart out and I ended up just crying through the whole song. The words truly touched my soul. Our Praise leaders wrote the songs down and that was one of them. Every woman from our group had a strong reaction to this particular song (sorry can't remember the name of it).
Oh Linda....the Praise leader, lives in your old apartment! Chris was walking one evening and noticed her lamps and found out that Heather lives in your old apartment!! We thought it was cool! LOL She said it was weird going in to her apartment knowing how you had your furniture set up and seeing how hers is set up! LOL

Well, I need to go since I was gone Friday-Monday I didn't get my last assignment done for our class, tomorrow. We finished our study 2 weeks ago, watched the final video last week and we were challenged with 3 different things to do for this week, so I really need to get busy on that. It won't take me too long, but this pregnancy is wearing me out and the fact that the most sleep I got was 6 hrs this weekend, Sunday night I only got 5 hrs. This baby is demanding that my body get more, which I truly am so thankful for since I've dealt with 7 yrs of insomnia and even in the pregnancy there are nights it still takes over.

God Bless