Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ARMY Granting Wishes with Make a Wish

Because the liberal media is so keen on only putting out all the horrible things our military does, and they like to quip they support our troops, but the reality is they don't, here's a nice story to share!

Top News- Sick Teen's Military Dreams Come True - AOL News

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, FL (Feb. 26) - Weakened by a lifelong struggle with cystic fibrosis, 14-year-old Riley Woina dreamed of being strong like the heroes he'd seen in war movies like "Black Hawk Down."
He wanted to parachute, fire rounds, wear a uniform. He wasn't scared of some of the most grueling training the Army has to offer. So when he was offered the opportunity through the Make-A-Wish foundation to realize his dream, he jumped at the chance. Recently, the Plymouth, Conn., teen got to spend a week watching the U.S. Army's 6th Ranger Training Battalion train in Florida - and even try many of the tasks himself. "You always want what you cannot have and he'll never be able to join the Army because of his cystic fibrosis, so of course he wants that more than anyone else would. He would join the Army today if he could," said his mother, Susan Woina. Riley is the first child to ask Make-A-Wish to visit a Ranger camp, said Capt. Jeremiah Cordovano, spokesman for the 6th Ranger Battalion. It was an unusual choice - the foundation often grants wishes for Walt Disney World trips or shopping sprees. "I knew I probably wouldn't be able to do anything like this again. They do everything down here, the swamp training, everything," Riley said, while eating with his new Ranger buddies in the chow hall at Camp James E. Rudder. The camp is where Rangers spend 18 grueling days at the end of their 62-day training. Rangers go through realistic combat scenarios and are typically exhausted when they arrive, said Cordovano. But, "you really get to see what you are made of and if you have what it takes to be a combat leader," he said.
During the week, the 80-pound teen got to ride in a helicopter, traverse the swamps with Rangers in an inflatable Zodiac boat and witness a 64-paratrooper night jump from inside a C-130. He even got personalized fatigues, complete with his own combat boots and dog tags. He also was presented with his own flight suit, a "U.S. Army Air Ambulance Detachment" patch, and his pilot's wings from an 82nd Airborne flight crew. Rangers also helped him to radio his mom from the helicopter while hovering above the beach. "Mom, this is Riley, this is awesome," he said. "Riley, I'm glad you're having a good time," she said. The Rangers showed Riley how to deploy a parachute and a reserve parachute. As his parents and older brother, Ryan, laughed at Riley's enthusiasm, Master Sgts. Jose Morengo and Alexander Barnett rolled on the ground, jumped off benches and unfurled the parachutes. He got to practice shooting blank M4 rounds and help clear a training room using grenade simulators. Even a black eye, which he received as Morengo pulled the rip cord grip on a reserve parachute strapped around Riley's waist, didn't keep Riley from smiling. Morengo gave Riley the rip cord grip as a souvenir, explaining that it was the ultimate trophy of surviving a harrowing experience. Riley's cystic fibrosis causes a buildup of a thick mucus that makes breathing difficult and inhibits absorption of nutrients, stunting growth. Riley takes nutritional supplements, respiratory medications, uses an inhaler and sleeps with a special vest that helps to shake up and clear out the mucus in his lungs while he sleeps. But the Rangers who met him said that he's got the fortitude it takes to be a Ranger. Later this month, he'll get to go to Fort Benning, Ga.,with the successful students for graduation ceremonies. "He's got nothing to prove to us, he's tough enough," Morengo said. The experience didn't make Riley fear the grueling physical punishment Rangers experience at Camp Rudder, either - and he wasn't sympathetic. "It's a way of life for them, they are the ones that signed up for it so it's their fault," he said, as the Rangers around him laughed.

******On a personal note, Jordyn never got a Make a Wish. I'm sure hers would have been more of a Disney Trip, but we did use another grant foundation that allowed us to take her back to Kansas so all our friends and family were able to see her one last time before she died. A family friend put together a HUGE birthday party for her at a local church's gym (normal high school gym size). She had a pony that she got to ride, although it freaked her out, etc. It is an organization that does everything they can to grant children's wishes. Most only hear about Disney Trips, but they can do so many different things, such as this one. They can't grant trips out of the country, the legistics in and of itself would be a nightmare, and the money involved would probably cost what it'd cost to grant 3 or more Disney wishes!

Isn't it nice to just read good news, we're bombarded with negative all the time, to read something good, positive, and simply nice is a wonderful change.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rothenburg odT

Monday we went to Rothenburg odT! It's a wonderful old city that's still completely surrounded by a wall. The city has of course outgrown the wall, but inside the wall is what draws the tourists. It's one of the most popular tourists hot spots in Germany and now that we've been there, we so understand why! We plan to go there for a 4 day weekend prob. in March or else in April and getting a hotel room. We want to go up on a Thursday and stay until Saturday night, so we have more time to explore, plus I'll be even farther along in this pregnancy (I'm 14 weeks today) so if I need to rest I can go and take a nap or just put my feet up. (Which since I was dx with high blood pressure Friday may be necessary if I don't get it back under control).

Anyways...here's some pictures from our day. :)

Where we entered into the old city!

The wall that we walked along (up top you can see the rails, we walked until well we couldn't and entered into the city!)

This is the American version of the cities court house. (The one on the left..the HUGE ONE)

The boys in front of Kathe Wolfart's, one of my favorite stores throughout Germany! They loved the Huge Nutcracker!

The boys outside the Teddy Bear Store!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sick Boy

Jack's been sick for the past couple of days. He's had a nasty cough that sounded like it was on the verge of turning into the croup and yesterday he developed a fever. I had 5 people ask me if I was going to take him to the dr. Um...no. What's the point, it's a cold and I already have cough syrup for him and I have Children's tylenol there for there is nothing they can give me. I am not putting my child on antibiotics for something that's not needed to be treated by them and since the ped here thinks that they'll solve everything I try to prevent him from seeing my children as often as possible.

Last night on my way to bed I checked on him as soon as I hit their bedroom doors and he started coughing horribly so off I went to get his medicine and he was burning up. After he had his medicine and a drink of water he just sat there just dazed, so I asked him if he wanted to go to bed with me, he crawled into my arms. He layed in my bed for over an hour coughing and trying to get to that comfortable spot, he finally did. He was so hot that I felt like my own body temp went up 5 degree's from him just cuddled up to me! He did finally doze off about 2:30 thankfully and slept pretty good, coughing off and on, but not too bad. He woke up with a fever but after a dose of tylenol the fever stayed away, the coughing came less and less throughout the day. It's not gone, but it is better than the last 2 days.

The most frustrating thing to me is that I know he got this from Childcare at the Chapel. I don't understand why parents bring their child to childcare. I think it's selfish and simply uncaring towards others. I love going to PWOC, I love being the Sparks Director, I enjoy Sunday Service, and Wed Night Alive...but when my child is sick either me or my husband will be home with our child(children). Chad's the Games Director but has a great assistant and I have a wonderful Secretary so that if I HAD to miss a Sunday it's possible. I did miss Wed. PWOC because I didn't want to espose more children to Jack and didn't want to take a chance of him getting worse.

It just seems like common sense to me. You don't take your sick child around other children and expose them to what your child has. There are times when it's mandatory because you have to run and get medication or some food at the store, but you take wipes to wipe the card down, you get what you need and get out, you do things as quickly as possible. This is my job. I'm a mother. I stay home because I want to be the one raising my children. I home school Jacob because I know this is where God's led us. I guess it's priorities. Putting my child first and also considering other children up there too. The fact is, that when parents continue to take their child out into public around other children they just keep the cycle going. Your child may get over it, but it's going to come back. It's really frustrating to me. I just simply don't have the capacity to understand and well simply put I don't want to understand it.

Ok, I'm done with my rant! :)

God Bless

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Goodbye My Friend

Aprox. 9 months ago I became friends with Michelle and there's just been no looking back. She has become one of my best friends and oh I'm going to miss her so much. Saturday morning I take her and her family to the airport in Nurenburg and say goodbye possibly forever, hopefully not though. Matthew is getting out of the Army, going back to college, will be a reservist, and start civilian life once again. Michelle's husband and mine are good friends. Matthew is, well was one of Chad's soldiers. Her and I just clicked. We spent a few days a week together and talked on the phone normally 5 or more times a day during the last half of the deployment. The thought of going through our next deployment with out her breaks my heart. She was such a great friend and someone I could count on and she's said I made the deployment bearable for her and brought sunshine in her days (one of the nicest things a person could say I think).

I can't believe they're really leaving. I've cried so many times over the last few months just thinking about it. I know come Saturday I'm going to be a complete mess. I'm still debating asking a friend of mine if she can watch the boys for us Saturday morning so Chad can go with me to take them to the airport, but we have to leave at 7 am and it's on a Saturday so I feel bad asking anyone to be up that early if they don't have to be, so most likely I'll tackle it on my own and then come home and cry in Chad's arms.

They're coming over Thursday for dinner and we plan on playing cards/Spades. I'm sure we'll be up late tomorrow night, we always are. It'll be so nice to have one last night with them and I intend on taking lots of pictures of us. I think I will make a small scrapbook for Michelle and one for me.

Goodbye my friend, I will miss you so much. You've made me laugh, you've let me cry, you've prayed for me, I've prayed for you. You love me and my children, as I love yours. I miss you.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


We all have things we are impatient over. I get impatient over item's I purchase yet never come, getting lied to, and being told somethings been sent again, and still lied too, oh and of course supposely my money's going to be refunded. But anyways.
Then there's my old neighbor, we had our youngests on the same day, same hospital. She's pg again 3 days from her EDD (estimated due date) and because she's dealing with some discomfort (what 9 mo. pg woman isn't???) but for the last 2 weeks her drs been encouraging her to induce and so tonight she is. I personally think it's crazy. Let the baby come when she's ready. I guess because we had Jack 2 weeks early and he had fluid on the lungs and spent 8 days in NICU I will not rush this baby growing in me. We'll wait as long as we can for her to be born. If they would let me have a vaginal birth I would, but after 3 c-sections I know they won't.

I know we all have our thing that we're impatient over, but when it's about the health of our children, and it's our choice we need to put our kids first before our own comfort. When do we stop being so self involved and start putting our children first? I am truly frustrated with her and mostly sad that if her baby does not come out completely healthy she ultimately only has her self to blame, because she could have said no.
I'll be spending tonight prayering for this baby as she gets forced to be born possibly before she's really ready.