Monday, April 23, 2012


So today I did my 2nd day of C25K. I decided over the weekend that although I officially started on Friday, that I'm making today day 1 of week 1...I just have a thing about needing to start things on Monday's (this is a recent realization btw! LOL). So I did it today and will take tomorrow and Wednesday off and then do Thursday and Friday and have the weekend to recover. I would love to do it M, W,F...but I go to PWOC (women's bible study) so at least for the next couple of weeks I'll be doing it M,Th, Fr. The summer PWOC normally doesn't start until 9:30 and if that's how things go this year, then I will be able to change my schedule up, of course I may not go to PWOC this summer, depending on what study they choose to do this summer.

So today I did 25 minutes, not purposely, but it's just how it ended up being. The first job was actually good and went by faster than I expected, but the 2nd time up in jogging was PAINFUL, but I did it. I am not too proud to say I counted down the last 5 seconds and was oh so thankful that 60 seconds of jogging was up. I know it's just 60 seconds, but when you go from nothing really to now jogging and walking it's pretty big for a big girl. I am prepared to be stiff tomorrow, and plan to stretch off and on throughout the day and will be doing some lunges and squats and tomorrow I'm going to start sit ups and push ups tomorrow, here at home. I'm going to take it slow and not over due it, I want to be able to walk on Wednesday! But figure even if all I do is 10 of each, that's 10 more than I was doing and I can add 10 more every 3 days. I plan on doing those every day, including on the weekend, so I will be building some muscle since when doing the squats and lunges and arm lifts I plan to do that while wearing Olivia in my Moby wrap.

Oh speaking of Olivia..she's 8 weeks old now. I can't believe how quickly my beautiful girl is growing.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Couch to 5 K

I started the Couch to 5 K (C25K from here on out) yesterday and oh boy am I sore today. I didn't even do the full 20 minutes because of needing to be home to greet my friend who was leaving her 2 boys with me, while she was at her drs apt. I felt GREAT afterwards. Now during the jogging bit, my legs felt like jello, but it was all doable. My friend "S" is ulatimtely doing this with me. S already runs 4 times a week and is in good shape. She's my accountability partner and encourager. I am so thankful for S, because I know I most likely wouldn't have even started this, if it weren't for her.

So where I'm at. I'm 7 weeks post partum, very,very out of shape, breastfeeding, have not worked out since last July, and could eat healthier (that's a constant work in progress as I do more and more research on food and realizing that what most Americans believe is healthy eating, truly is not good for our butter is NOT bad, meat and that includes RED meat is not bad. I have a long ways to go, but I will get there. We eat less and less processed foods, we've worked hard to get as much hormone-filled foods out of our home. We eat a lot more fruits and veggies that are pesticide free).

I have 4 days a week where I can work out in the morning, Wednesday's I have bible study so no working out that day. I'm still trying to decide if I will be getting my 2nd day of workout on Tuesday or Thursday or if I just do all 4 days, but make Thursday a walking only day. It may not seem like a big decision to others, but it's huge to me. I want to have the best workout I can and have success with this. I have a goal of 1 to 2 lbs a week and knowing I could have a week here or there where I do not loose anything at all. I'm planning on adding light weight lifting into my program as well, but that will have to be at home as I don't leave Olivia with anyone (yes, including Chad) so leaving her to go to the gym and lift weights is not going to happen). We have some hand-held weights and we have a few can goods if nothing else I can use as well. I am hoping that after a month to add ankle weights too. For women, weight lifting is essential to up our metabolism so this fat can fall off.

I'll be posting more about this journey of getting healthy and losing the weight. I'd like to see at least 50 lbs off in 6 months. I will still be very overweight, but I will be healthier and will be half way to my ultimate goal. I want to loose at least 100 lbs. I could still loose more after that, but that's my big goal.

I'm also rearranging how our day goes. We homeschool and this year we started off great. I started our day off with reading a bible devotion and praying with the kids, then we started school. School went so smoothly. We stuck with it for a few months, and honestly I don't remember what caused us to stop, but we did and I have seen the negatives to it. I want to end our school year off in a positive light. Starting our day in Gods word and seeking him, can only make things better.

So there it is. The C25K program is a 9 week program, I will be giving an update at least 3 times a week and once a week to say how much I've lost. My scale has ounces on it, so I can see if I'm really close to a 1 loss or over or exactly.

Here we go!