Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ok so we're there, this is it, after today I will not have to do this on my own anymore, or well until the next deployment...but I'm not focusing on THAT..I'm focusing on now. My stomach is in absolute knots! I was sick on Sunday, the same virus the kids and I had 2 weeks ago, and I woke up Sunday morning with horrible stomach cramps, vomiting, the whole shebang. Gross, miserable, and completely undesirable, oh yeah and lets throw in a good slice of self pity too! But yesterday I felt better and today I'm 100%, now it's just nerves! I'm so ready for this deployment to be over.

We're finishing up the last few things to do here, and if it gets done we'll head to the pool, if not this evening we'll just take a walk to the lake on post and feed the monsterous fish (seriously they're insanely HUGE...they could totally eat Emma..I know you think I exaggerate, but if you could only see these fish!). I really hope we can go swimming, it'd be such a great distraction.

Oh speaking of fish, I bought new fish for our tank. A couple months ago Jackson added a dishwashing tablet to the tank, fish don't like them..shocking huh! Yeah, so after refusing to buy anymore, until I felt confident that Jack understood that the tank is absolutely OFF limits to him, I bought more fish. When Chad comes home we might buy a few more, but not many more...I'm thinking 5 to 10 more. There's about 15 in there right now.

Ok, I have to get off of here and get busy finishing my bedroom!

God Bless

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not excited for Wednesday to come, I'm not about to come out of my skin because my husband's coming home!

I am not done with being sick. I have not been sick more in the past 13 months, than ever before.

I have not been cleaning like a crazy woman today!

I am not drawing a blank for anything else for this post! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He's Coming HOME!!!!

Chad's coming home a couple days early! Just a few more days and I'll have him back in my arms, our children will have their Daddy back, and we will be as the way we're supposed to be again! I'm so excited and thankful that GOD has protected him the last 13 months, that he's watched over him and we are so very close to having him back with us!!!

I have a great deal to do, first priority and getting OUR bedroom cleaned. It's become the dumping grounds of this deployment. It's the worst it's EVER been! YIKES! I will get it done though! I have made a list though and intend to get it all done and will. I will not get the deep cleaning like I wanted done, but hey that'll be fun couples time! hehe!

I talked to the lady today on the phone about reservations at the B&B we plan to stay at during Block leave, in Normandy, France. Tomorrow I also plan to map out our drive and decide where we'll be stopping and making reservations at either B&B's or hotels on our way. We'll let it be a drive over 3 days (arriving on the 3rd day) so ultimately I'll just have to book 4 places.

I'm so excited I can not even tell you. I'm ready to have him home, safe and sound with us once again!
God has truly blessed our family with Chad as my husband, father, and leader of our family.
I'm heading to bed now, I have a PWOC board meeting in the morning, and have to go to the post office after that, then it's home to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!!

God Bless

Friday, June 19, 2009

Christy Rose gave me this award.

The rules on how to give this blog award away are:

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Now I have to say that I don't think I have 15 "new" blogs, but I'll do my best to nominate new ones, but a few of my just simple favorite will be thrown in too!

My first nomination is Kristy: I met Kristy through my friend Emily. Kristy has 2 beautiful boys in Heaven and 3 beautiful children here with her, actually just recently gave birth to beautiful and precious Hope, who can use our prayers. She's so sweet, go visit her.

Bridget at Don't Blink. She's a beautiful, homeschooling Momma...who shares her day to day life from school to fun and most importantly her love of Christ.

Mimi: She's amazing, she had 3 beautiful children, loves our Lord, and what a photographer!! You have to check out her blog!!

Beth: She's sweet, wonderful, and dedicated Mom. She walks with the Lord, dedicate wife, and is a joy to read.

Kelly : She prayed for a baby, and GOD finally blessed her with sweet Harper. Harper was then born and spent time in the hospital, but again with blessings Harper is home and healthy.

Emily: This is my IRL best friend. We met 6 years ago when I was pg with Jackson and she was pg with her oldest. She's a woman after God's own heart, loves her husband, and her children with all of her self, and has a beautiful baby girl, Miller Grace, in Heaven with my Jordyn.

Rebekah: Is one of my dearest, closests friends that I've had for over 11 years.

Kelly: I love Kelly, she's one of my favorite people in the world. She's honest, to the point, and well like I said I love her!

Lori: Can I just tell you how much I love Lori? She's also one of my favorite people. She loves the Lord, her husband, and her girls (who are cute to boot), oh and she loves country music, seriously..loves it! :)

Traci: I've been reading Traci for a few years now and she's wonderful. She's a Christian homeschooling Mom, dedicated wife, who although they've had some job issue's and yet she continues to praise the LORD!!

Amy: Is another Army wife, who is also going through a deployment and has a beautiful family.

Lisa: I met Lisa the same way/place I met "my" Emily. She was pg with her youngest son, when I was pg with Jack and to see her growth in the Lord over the last 5 years has been such a blessing! I have met her IRL, too and she's wonderful. She's a retired Highway Patrol Officer, Mom to 4, wife, and is now teaching people how to protect themselves!

Amanda well she's amazing! She's a Christ fearing, wife and mother of 3. She is a budding photographer, she's honest and to the point and you don't have to wonder where she stands on subjects!

Bri: Another friend I was pg with and met online like Lisa and Emily. I love Bri. She loves Christ, her husband, and children. She is a Navy wife, and a mid-west girl too!

Daphine: Is a beautiful woman inside and out. She's dedicated to her family and is a great read!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feeling better

Emma seems to be feeling better! Oh how I love German meds!! How I love my sweet friend J who brought them to me, too! Emma's running around, making demands, wanting to go outside. The boys are out back playing, and I need to figure out what to make for dinner. I'm thinking meatloaf and mashed potatoes (the potatoes will be calm for Emma).

Emma is def. feeling better she's mad because I won't read her book AGAIN (I read it multiple times already and just wanted a short break!LOL) ahhh life with toddlers, it's NEVER boring!

Here We Go Again

Emma's sick. We have friends who were sick over the weekend and seems she now has the same thing they had and I can say I'm not feeling so hot myself. She has it from both ends, well last night she did, this morning she's only vomitted. My friend just brought me some German meds for her to help, and if I need I can take them too. Another friend of mine now has to go pick up a mutual friend who's returning after being back in the states during her husband's deployment (her husband comes home next week!!!).
I'm praying Emma feels better today, this is the week of VBS and I'm missing it today obviously, but hopefully will be able to be here tomorrow for the finale. I'm singing and then just helping where ever else I'm needed (snacks, etc). It's been great as I see the boys and they tell me the fun things they're doing.

Well Miss Emma is awake now and wants some soup, so I'm off. We're down to just 2 weeks until Chad's home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Update on life and Italy!

Hi all, I know it's been a while! Life's going great right now. The kids and I just got home from Italy Saturday morning (1:30 AM). We had a scare, when Emma almost got hit by a speeding motorcycle. Monday evening we went out to eat at a Pizzeria, as with most European restaurants, there were tables outside in the garden and inside. It was a beautiful evening so we ate outside and it was a nice area for the kids to play in, except we were by a high way and the gate was left open, I looked away from her to say something to the retired (military) couple who I was talking to off and on, I looked back at her and the boys and she was heading out the gate towards the highway. Emma's at a stage where when you tell her to come to you, she runs faster. I said to the boys to grab her, FAST, and said "Emma come here, Mommy has something for you" (that sometimes works), she just turned to me, looked and smiled and headed back out. I was standing but just frozen in absolute horrifying fear. All I could think was "I'm going to have to bury her next", it just kept going through my head. I was so petrified. I still feel sick just thinking about it. Jacob grabbed her just in time, and a motorcycle swearved, he was going I'm going to guess at least 60 m/h, she would have died. I had to drive by that pizzeria every single day going to the beach and was slow way down and feel so sick to my stomach. GOD gave Emma grace and I feel like even more so, he gave me grace and forgiveness. As a Momma who's already buried one daughter, from something we fought so hard against, yet couldn't stop...to then have my other daughter go into such danger, when it was so preventable, it's just so completely terrifying. I pray that we never know this fear again, EVER.

So onto the rest of our trip. We were blessed to have a great drive. The directions called for a 8 hr 50 minute drive. It took me 12 hours, which considering stops for gas, lunch, and just needing a break, oh and of course bathroom breaks I think it was a good trip and right about what I expected. We were on the road at 4:30 AM and pulled onto post in Italy at 4:30 PM, checked in, and went to our room. Camp Darby (Army post) has what they call their "hotel" which is 6 rows of rooms attached (well each room in each row was attached), we stayed there. 4 of the rows has an enclosed patio with an Italian BBQ. The other 2 rows do not have the patio and BBQ. We did have the BBQ. It was great! The room had a kitchenette, a full size, twin bed, and a chair that pulls out into a twin bed, and of course TV, & bathroom. They also have camp grounds for tents or campers, and cabins. They have the rustic cabins which have no running water (including no bathrooms) inside the cabins, and the soon to be finished Deluxe Cabin (with water/bathroom).

Monday before dinner we went to try and find the American beach, we were unsucessful, but still went to the Sea. I guess I left out that we went to the Meditteranean Sea. The kids stuck their feet in (this was before dinner btw). We were just there for maybe 15 minutes, then headed to dinner. Tuesday we headed to the beach and the sea was at its best for swimming. It was calm and we all had so much fun. Jacob as he said "faced my fears" and he walked through the seaweed that was in the beginning of the water and walked out farther where there was none to be felt! I will say though that we were very surprised at how dirty it was. There was a ton of dead leaves washed in and just continously there, the farther out we got the less, but still was shocking. We all expected to see crystal clear seas and it was "dirty". We lived though and still had a great amount of fun!!!

Wednesday we discovered that the 2nd to last day of school for the DODDS (the Army/Military school) and they were all there (now keep in mind that the post is VERY small so although there were quite a few kids there, it wasn't overwhelming). My boys loved it and had fun playing with the other kids. The sea was not very calm that day and every other beach actually had the Red flag up, but they put the yellow flag up on ours, so the kids could still play in the water up to their knee's.

Thursday the waves were even higher than on Wednesday, but still not that bad. A lot of other families were there and my boys had so much fun. Emma had a really off day for most of the day, actually the trip just seemed to throw her completely off. She woke up grumpy every single morning, took early naps, it was just not a great week for her, yet she had times where she was thrilled with life too! LOL

Friday we checked out and headed to Pisa. I messed up on the directions and it took me about 30 minutes to get there, vs the 15 minutes it should have, but we made it and all in one piece! :) The boys loved it, Emma slept through it all!

During our trip Chad was able to call us every night, which was a special treat! As of tonight he's now living in a tent, and this week he'll be heading out of Iraq and into Kuwait! We're so excited! In just a few more weeks he'll be home!!!! He should be home before The 4th of July! I'm so excited and so ready. I have a lot to do before he gets home, but it'll get done and if not, that's ok! We're at the point of counting down the days!!! There's another unit that will be here next week, I'm so thrilled for them. It's been a long 14 1/2 months for them and it means we're that much closer to ours coming home!

Well here's the pictures from our trip! :)

Italy June 2009 (178 photos), by Christy Fitzpatrick

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Heading Out

The kids and I will be heading to Italy to go to the beach this week! Please pray for a safe trip, enjoyable and fun time on the beach, and safe drive home.

I know this is very short, but I'm tired and just don't have it in me to write any more.

God Bless