Sunday, August 19, 2012


We have VBS this week! Excited! We're doing Group: Sky! I'm the leader to kick off and end each day and in between will help where needed! Jacob's going to be volunteering this year vs participating. He's going to be Flash Skyrunner for my daily skit and then will be helping with the crafts station.

If  you haven't been keeping up with the Johnson's...Katie is no longer sedated. She asked the first day she was completely clear about Sarah and so Jody and Judy had to tell her that Sarah's in Heaven. She's now in the beginning days of grief, while she continues to heal. They're hoping she'll be heading to the Rehab area of the hospital very soon. Keep praying for all of them, as they grieve for Sarah, for the life they once knew/had, as they all try to help Katie physically heal as well as emotionally get through everything.

If you want to stay updated:

I'm off to sleep, it's after 1 AM and I need to be up in abut 6 to 6 1/2 hours.

God Bless

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Johnson update

I wanted to update on the Johnson family. Katie is still in the hospital, still sedated. They have done a total of 2 skin grafts and think that is all she will need. Her face is almost completely healed, and they hope they'll be able to extubate her possibly tomorrow and hopefully start trying to wake her up soon.
Judy is in a back brace and will be in one for a few months, but is walking and walking without even the support of a cane.
They had Sarah's funeral, which was for family and very close friends last Thursday and then had a community wide memorial service for her on Saturday afternoon, which was attended by hundreds in the community.
They are currently living in a house that is owned by a German couple (which is just a God thing, since they lived here in Germany for 6 plus years and love Germany) and who's offered to sell them the house, they've also been offered to help them rebuild where their previous house was. All their physical needs that they could possibly need or want has been provided and still being provided. So many in their community and throughout the world is stepping up to do what they can. I know that the village they used to live in, here in Germany has raised a great deal of money to donate to them, since it's what they can give to them to help them and show them how much they're loved from this side of the world.
I often find myself in tears in grief and awe. The Lord is showing his glory in so many ways through this tragedy. Sarah's with Jesus and I know they'll miss her forever, even when they rejoice that she's walking with our Lord, she was a piece of their heart and she's gone now.
Please pray for Judy and Katie's continued physical healing. Pray for all 6 of them (as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family, and friends) as they begin the emotional healing. To have your world literally blow up, to lose your child and sister...there's a long road of healing.
We serve an awesome God, a father who loves us and holds us through every trial that we're dealt with. He never leaves us. We don't always understands why he allows the things that happen in this world, to happen. What I know though is he loves us. He cares about us. He comforts us. He died for us. Sarah loved the Lord and she's now with him.
How Great is our God? He did allow their home to explode, in that explosion he welcomed HIS sweet Sarah home to Heaven, he showed a family how loved and cherished they are not only in their small community of Wilson, but throughout the world. The Lord showed them he'd provide for them in their dire circumstances. We have an awesome and just amazing Lord.
If you'd like to keep up to date with the Johnson's, they have a caringbridge page that, Judy's sister, Kathy is keeping updated for the time being: