Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy but blessed

I've been terrible at blogging lately. I haven't read blogs or anything in weeks. So it's been a over a month, so an update. We started school and it's really going well. We will most likely be taking a couple weeks, if not a full month off when the baby comes, so we're working to get ahead of the game. Emma's started doing some very basic preschool work, of writing letters. I had read a blog a while back about how when teaching children to write, teach them to write in lower cases first, which is not the norm, because...the majority of letters you write is in lower case. Once they have those down, then teach them in uppper case. When you think about it, it makes total sense and darn it I wish I had known that with Jacob and Jackson, but I can't change that and that's the beauty of homeschooling we can learn and make adjustments!

The pregnancy, baby #6 is growing perfectly. She or he is literally measuring eactly as she/he should. I'm 14 weeks along and feeling good. The nausea has even pretty well passed for the most part, so I'm very thankful. It's really been a very,very easy pregnancy. It's amazing and after Emma and Noah's where I was sick the whole pregnancy, it's a nice change of pace! Anyone who thinks every pregnancy is the same, has never been pregnant more than once!

Life is rather busy, but in a good way. Football practice twice a week, tae kwon do 2 times a week, soccer and ballet once a week (same day), then homeschool Art and homeschool PE start and round out our week. Our one truly and completely day of rest is Thursday. Saturday's we have football game...Sunday we have church and AWANA. Each boy are in one sport and of course our homeschool activities. Emma's in one sport and ballet and does PE with our homeschool group and all 3 do AWANA. I've told them if they feel that they're just overwhelmed, just to speak up. They're all enjoying their individual activities. Chad's coaching football and soccer, so it's been great for them to have that time with him. I have PWOC, but have stepped back from volunteering. I'm helping our AWANA program to get going this year, it's the 7th year of AWANA in our community and I've been here since the beginning. I'm the only one. We have 4 others who have returned this year, 1 is the new Commander (she was a Sparks leader last year), one's a T&T leader , and Chad who's the Games director, and one's our Sparks secretary. I told them I'll be an undependable volunteer and come when I feel like it, but to not be counted on. I also said I'll fill in for the Sparks director and secretary when they can't be there.
I just feel God calling me to a quieter time. I'm helping lead a bible study in PWOC, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. If you have not read this book, I highly encourage you to! It's been wonderful. We have had 2 classes, the first week was just ice breakers and getting to know each other, so this week was our first class to talk about the first chapter and it was wonderful. To already see where and how these ladies are with their walk with Christ, what he's already doing in their (and my own) walk. Please be in prayer for our class. We have an amazing group of women and ladies in different places in their walk with the Lord. He's going to do amazing things through this class, you can literally just feel it! I feel blessed and humbled to be co-leading the class and being able to share with these ladies.

Now to Chad. He went up to the hospital where he had his surgery last year after the horrible accident. He has surgery scheduled for Oct 11. The surgeon who put the rods in, will be taking them out. Please pray for his surgeon as well as for Chad. I'll be with him the day of surgery. He'll be released with that Thursday or Friday. I'm praying it'll be Thursday, but when ever is best for him and his healing process. We don't know what will be next, if he'll need to be on leave after surgery, and we know he'll have to start back up on Physical Therapy. He's on leave right now, and we're trying to get a lot done while he is. We're going to be rearranging the living room and dining room. Pulling up carpet in the living room and tossing it (it's in bad shape) and laying down carpet in the living/dining room that our old neighbors gave us, that's in perfect, unstained condition!!! We want to go through our attic and get rid of that stuff we don't need/use/want. We need to do the garage as well!
We're a little behind in all of that, because Noah's been sick this week, but seems to be on the mend so hopefully tomorrow we'll get lots accomplished! Thankfully right now Friday's a free day other than our homeschool PE, but that will give Chad time without little people under his feet and can get things moved. He'll be moving our buffet out, mopping the dining room floor, and laying the dining room carpet. Hopefully Saturday when we get home from football, we can start on the living room. We have our antique shrunk that will be moved into the dining room, then we have to move all the other furniture out of the living room and pull this gross carpet out and mop the floor, lay the carpet and rearrange the furniture! I'm hopeful we can get it done Saturday. I think we'll sleep good, Saturday night!!!! :)

Once we're done I'll take pictures and post.

Well, this pregnant woman is exhausted and I'm going to get into bed, with prayers that we get a full nights sleep because I don't think Mr. Noah will be up all night feeling crummy!

God's blessings,