Thursday, October 18, 2012


The upcoming move is coming up soon, and yet we're still in the Army's hurry up and wait. Waiting on paperwork so we can finish up to drop off passport paperwork. Chad did everything he needed to, but his unit's been out in the field, training so now that they're back, we're hoping what paperwork needs to be finished can be done tomorrow, so that Monday we can go drop off all the paperwork. He has a briefing next Friday, then we'll hopefully have orders the following week. PRAY we have orders the following week, because we have to schedule transportation, schedule to have my van shipped, make sure that we'll be able to get our dog and cat on our flight(s). I'm not worried about leaving Germany, because from my understanding the military flight we'll be on will be fine, but we hope to actually carry on our pets and place them under our seats for the 2nd flight since they are both the right weight.I'm not stressing, just ready to get things rolling since we know there's a lot to do.

My dear friend Petra has been spending time with my oldest 3 kids every week. I'm hoping we can all have a day together to spend and visit. My heart just aches leaving her. She's married to a German, so we won't just cross paths with her again, without a good deal of planning, whether it's visiting Germany (which we have every expectation to do), or visiting her when she comes to the states to visit her parents. She's been such a source of strength, friendship, and accountability to me in the last 7 1/2 years. I just can't imagine not being able to see her once a week. I know that the Lord brought us together and he will not end our friendship. I'm thankful that he allowed us to come together and grow together. I'm so thankful that the Lord brought such an amazing woman in our lives, who loves my children with all her heart and as much as she loves her own children. We are truly blessed and so thankful.

I have a great deal of laundry to do! So far behind it's not even funny. I keep saying I'm just going to take it all to the laundry matt, but haven't yet. It really would make it much easier if I did just take it all there and have it all washed, dried, and folded. No matter it all has to be done before our movers come! So at least I have a time limit. I've asked my family to hold me accountable to be doing laundry all day every day (as in the washer should be constantly going from 9-4) and if it is, I should be able to get caught up fairly easily. Pray for me, no seriously, pray for me! It seems ridiculous, but I do NOT like doing laundry and I know women who like it, but I am NOT one of those people!! Speaking of laundry I have blankets on my couch that need to be folded and my washer's almost done, so I can say I got some done today and can let a load of whites soak over night. I do remind myself that having laundry to do is a blessing, it means that we all have clothes to wear, which with the grace of GOD, we've barely bought because the Lord has blessed us with friends who have given us clothes for our kids. I'm so thankful.
Washer's I go!