Friday, July 19, 2013

Olivia is healing well. Her left hand no longer has to be bandaged and although there's still healing to be done, but she's able to have full use of it now. Her right hand is making a lot of progress as well. All the skin that had been blistered on her palm came off on Monday, you can now see the skin that survived and it was a good amount more than her doctor thought would have survived, so he was really happy with that. She also has lots of new, pink, tender skin growing. Right now her doctor does not think she'll need surgery, but it just depends on how tight the skin grows, if it's too tight they'd have to go in and fix that, but at this point he does not think she'll need surgery. I continue to pray she doesn't. I am so thankful that although this is still hard, she's healing well and that when it's all said and done, she will not have any memory of it.
We have seen the Lord's grace through every step of this. I look at those who do not have a relationship with Christ and just do not know how they do it. I'm so thankful we have the Lord and lean on Him, trust Him, serve Him.

Friday, July 12, 2013

In a moment

We have had a busy, fun, and crazy last few weeks. One of Jacob's best friends from Germany came and spent ultimately 2 1/2 weeks with us. It was a good visit for the boys, although Jacob was away at church camp the 2nd week while his friend was here. Jacob had such a great time at camp though with all the fun stuff and on fire for the Lord most importantly! Jacob was at camp during the first week of July. On the 4th of July we had plans of swimming, grilling, and going to town to watch the fire works, home to set off a few of our own with the intentions of saving the majority for when Jacob returned the next day. That was the plan. Swimming happened and Chad grilled and as Chad finished up grilling and turned to bring the food in and tell the kids to come in, our sweet, beautiful Olivia Joy walked over to the grill and touched it. Just writing it still makes me sick to my stomach. Her sweet little hands were burned severely. Her right hand endured the worst of it her whole palm and all her fingers, there are 2nd and 3 degree burns on her tiny little hand. On her left hand her thumb and first two fingers each had a burn and the fatty area between her thumb and index finger also had a blister. Those were "only" 2nd degree burns and right now are very close to being healed. We were told 10 to 14 days for 2nd degree burns and thankfully her left hand seems to be on par for that healing schedule. We spent about 2 hours at the ER the evening of the 4th and then the next day took her to Wichita to the hospital there that has a burn center. Can I just say it takes a very special and unique person to be able to work with burn victims, I am not that person. I sat there holding my baby girl, as they popped blisters and cut away the dead skin, as she screamed from pain, I sobbed.
It took just 5 seconds of Chad turning his back for this to happen and we're now a week and 1 day out from this and I still find myself tearing up and feeling sick, to know the pain my little girl experienced. I just hate it.
We returned to Wichita the following Tuesday (as in 3 days ago) and went to the burn specialists. He was happy with how she's healing up and said that after today we do not have to wrap her left hand any longer. I asked how long it may take (knowing that every one heals different and every burn is different) and he said it could take possibly 2 months, there are a lot of factors that go into it. If she still has skin that's alive and healthy on her hands (palms and fingers) then it'll heal faster and if not it'll take longer and then we may have to discuss her having a graf done, but he does not at this point think surgery/graf will be necessary. The thing is, it's just a matter of waiting and seeing though. We go back next Tuesday to his office so he can once again check her hand and see the healing process.
I am in such awe of Olivia. She had such a rough start to life and showed nothing but courage and strength as a newborn that knew no difference. Here she is at just a little over a year old, once again showing strength and courage. I know I would cry and complain constantly if it was me, although I so wish it was me over her. I have learned a great deal about burns, honesty far more than I ever wanted to know.
Chad is excellent at changing Olivia's dressings, I on the other hand, am not. I'm extremely thankful that it's not left up to me to do, although this week, I'm going to work on doing it so I can do it alone, since next week he has 24 hour duty one day and I will have to do it alone, with the most help being from Emma, which will not really be help!
Next week our big boys will be off to camp for a week. I'm excited for them, but I know I'll miss them. Jack is so excited, tomorrow both the boys will get packed and we'll pick up any items that are needed that we don't have.

We are so thankful that although our girl is going through something I would like to take away, we have seen God's hand through all of this, holding her closely, putting the best doctors and care in our path, and help with our other children when we've needed it.