Friday, July 19, 2013

Olivia is healing well. Her left hand no longer has to be bandaged and although there's still healing to be done, but she's able to have full use of it now. Her right hand is making a lot of progress as well. All the skin that had been blistered on her palm came off on Monday, you can now see the skin that survived and it was a good amount more than her doctor thought would have survived, so he was really happy with that. She also has lots of new, pink, tender skin growing. Right now her doctor does not think she'll need surgery, but it just depends on how tight the skin grows, if it's too tight they'd have to go in and fix that, but at this point he does not think she'll need surgery. I continue to pray she doesn't. I am so thankful that although this is still hard, she's healing well and that when it's all said and done, she will not have any memory of it.
We have seen the Lord's grace through every step of this. I look at those who do not have a relationship with Christ and just do not know how they do it. I'm so thankful we have the Lord and lean on Him, trust Him, serve Him.