Thursday, September 26, 2013

Clear Heads Prevails

So I haven't talked to one of my best friends, E in I guess about a week. Tonight we talked and as we were talking, I thought of something that had been discussed in my Sunday School class and let me just say that GOD hit me on the side of the head and opened my blind eyes.
When we see people who seem that everything is always going in their way, that this is as good as it's ever going to get for them. This IS their Heaven. Then there's others who seem that every turn, is something else going wrong in their life. This is their hell, and Heaven is waiting for them and is going to be so much better than ANYTHING this world could ever offer.
When I shared that with my friend, it was a light bulb. I allowed Satan to not only whisper his lies to me, but I believed them. I have been a stupid, stupid, stupid woman. I am oh so thankful that GOD opened my eyes.
I am going to continue to be honest here, I've kept so much bottled up and I think that's part of how Satan was able to get ahold of me. Instead of me sharing and allowing others to pray for me. I have learned that I must be more open. I can be prayed for and with and if people don't like who I AM, that's okay. I can handle people not liking me and I don't need 1,000 followers. I just need to be honest and true to who GOD has made me to be.
Keep praying, because let me tell you...this girl has some issue's! ;) But, I have a much bigger GOD, whether I can feel Him or not. He's always there and he loves me.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where Are You?

I don't feel God in my life right now. A friend this morning at PWOC (bible study) said this may be a time where he's carrying you. I don't know. I hope so. I just don't know.
I need HIM, more than anyone else and  yet I feel alone, abandoned, tossed aside. Where are you, Father? I want to feel loved. I want to feel that I matter to you. I know you died on a cross for me, for my sins, because you love me that much. I SHOULD feel loved. Oh GOD, please hear the cries of my heart.
Please help me out of this dark place. I truly feel Satan circling me and feel him winning in my life. I want the tears to stop, I want the hopelessness to leave my heart. I am so desperate for you, please don't leave me. I have not felt this lost since Jordyn died. I feel like David's Psalms are all across me, his cries for you.
I am tired of being so lonely. Tired of being so sad. Tired of feeling so unloved. One day this will be over. I don't want to just get through this life. I really do want to live it. I just don't know how to right now. I miss you.

Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm Done

I'm done not being real. I'm done putting a smile on my face and acting like everything is "fine" or "good". Things are not great in really any aspect of my life. I'm unhappy with my "self" in general. I don't like my body, I don't like who I've become. I'm not a good wife to my husband, I'm a worse mom to my kids. I loose it constantly on everyone.
I can't tell you the last time anyone actually listened to ME. I don't know the last time I let anyone know anything about me that is really deep. NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE knows and the fact is no one cares. I can remember from the time I was very young being told I was a "good listener" and from that time I've always felt like, it's because no one cares to hear ME.
I feel empty. I feel unloved. I am lost. Desperate.
I am not suicidal, but do think life would be so much better if God would just take me home. I sound dramatic and ridiculous. Is it too much to ask for people who claim to care and love me to actually show it? Is it too much to want a friend to ask "how are you" and actually feel like they REALLY want to know and are not just waiting for you to stop talking so they can start? It's been so long since I had that. I'm starting to question if that's even out there for me.
The woman who knows the Lord, tells herself "God's trying to get your attention. Lean on Him. Tell Him." The selfish part of me says "I know that, but I also want just one person in this world to really care and want to hear what I have to say." 
I don't know if it'll happen, I'm not counting on it. So I'm just going to be real here. I don't expect that anyone will read this. It's fine.
I have decided that since I on facebook quite a bit, I'm going to start deleting people and limiting what most can see on my page. If I don't think you're a real friend, you're either being limited or deleted. I'm tired of reaching out and sharing parts of my life, and getting nothing.

I have a "friend" who lives a few states away. Not long after we moved back, we talked and she said she was going to come visit. She didn't. As soon as another friend moved to the same state, but different place, she drove those hours and spent a weekend with her, not a word to me. That hurt. I'd never do that to her. IF I was with in 2 hours of her, I'd have at least let her know so if she could come meet me she could have. I would have came up to see her, even if just for a few hours, but obviously I don't mean crap to her. So I'm done being "nice". I refuse to leave my heart open to people who don't care. You know, that's not true. I do care. It hurts and when I brought it up, it was made clear that I was not a priority to her. She can stick by friends who are liars, cheats, and treat her like crap. I don't have to be treated that way as well and I won't be anymore.

I'm tired of being the one who has to go visit people, yet no one can bother to visit me. It's what it is at this point. I am finally seeing my value to others and it's not squat. I've allowed that, but I'm done. If I'm not important to you, then I'll do us both a favor and step away.