Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Days are Dwindling

The days just keep dropping faster and faster. We got all packed out, the van leaves tomorrow, we have our last night at the Hospitality House tomorrow night, so many lasts. We have friends up who were stationed here a few years ago and are now stationed down in Italy, we are going to find a way to fit them in to at least say hi tomorrow.
Saturday and Sunday will be days full of cleaning and scrubbing...I know fun times,  you can all be honest in your envy! ;) My stomach just is a constant state of butterflies. I honestly am still just so saddened that our time in Germany is coming to an end, truly coming to an end. We've been here so long that I guess in some insane way I just thought we'd stay here until our post closed. I'm trusting the Lord, trusting that he has great things in store for us that we can not even imagine.