Monday, October 23, 2006

The banner we made tonight (it's a shower curtain!) My wonderful friend Michelle did the letters for me (bubble letters) and I brought it home and colored it in. I'm prob. going to hang it either on the scaffeling that's outside our building if it's still there (which it prob. will be) or hanging it on the outside of our building. (Linda they painted our building blue...ugh!).

I also bought a banner, that's hanging up on what I'm calling tonight "banner road"! We made a banner a few weeks ago as our FRG had a banner party. That's hanging up in the gym. We also made posters and have placed them here in the apartment and also have one we're taking with us!

We have about 12-13 hrs most likely until Chad's in our arms!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chad will be home in.....

TWO DAYS!! ON Tuesday! I'm about to burst! We got officially told today! He should be home and in my arms actually in about 48 hrs from now! I'm so excited I could just burst! I'll post pictures of the home coming once he's home!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Almost Done

We're almost done! We're down to single digit numbers now in counting down until Chad's home! I'm ready and I'm excited. I have been cleaning all day and by this weekend everything should be done the way I want it. I have bought quite a few groceries so that when Chad comes home I can make him just about anything his heart desires!

Once he's done with reintergration we'll be going down to Edelweiss. We're going to be staying there for a full week. We're all looking forward to that. There's so much in that area to do and see. I'm excited to get there and wish time would just hurry up! LOL If you know anything about deployments, well any that are longer than 6 months, the last weeks are the longest and the last week itself is the absolutel longest! The days feel like weeks in themselves. We're down to that last week and oh man it's killing me to just be finished already! I think last night I missed Chad's calls too, which really makes me sad. I was talking to my friend Emily and my call waiting kept beeping, but because of the phone of the year which likes to lose it's signal every time I turn around, everytime I'd try to switch over, I'd lose the signal and by the time it was back up, who ever was trying to call had hung up. :( It happened a total of 4 times last night. I'm going to go buy a new phone today, so that this will not happen anymore, hopefully.

Ok, laundry is beckoning me, so I'm off to the basement!

Friday, October 06, 2006

My lovely find!

My new cario cabinet! The first picture shows our "old" cabinet. When Chad comes home I'm going to have him attach it to the wall, because it's not as stable as I feel it should be and I don't want it falling and breaking all the glass, but most of all hurting one of the boys or anyone else.

You can also see our birds! Tweety and Mecy. (Mecy is pronounced me C) I'm going to guess it's about 7 feet tall. I need to measure it! It's really, huge! I got it at a 2nd hand store in town.