Friday, October 06, 2006

My lovely find!

My new cario cabinet! The first picture shows our "old" cabinet. When Chad comes home I'm going to have him attach it to the wall, because it's not as stable as I feel it should be and I don't want it falling and breaking all the glass, but most of all hurting one of the boys or anyone else.

You can also see our birds! Tweety and Mecy. (Mecy is pronounced me C) I'm going to guess it's about 7 feet tall. I need to measure it! It's really, huge! I got it at a 2nd hand store in town.


Linda said...

Cute cabinet! And I am going to guess that those are the birds that Julia had...right?

I like that cabinet though...I need a good one!!!

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Your old one would look really cute in my house. :)

SB said...

it's ginormous! What are you planning on filling it with? polish pottery perhaps?