Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rothenburg odT

Monday we went to Rothenburg odT! It's a wonderful old city that's still completely surrounded by a wall. The city has of course outgrown the wall, but inside the wall is what draws the tourists. It's one of the most popular tourists hot spots in Germany and now that we've been there, we so understand why! We plan to go there for a 4 day weekend prob. in March or else in April and getting a hotel room. We want to go up on a Thursday and stay until Saturday night, so we have more time to explore, plus I'll be even farther along in this pregnancy (I'm 14 weeks today) so if I need to rest I can go and take a nap or just put my feet up. (Which since I was dx with high blood pressure Friday may be necessary if I don't get it back under control).'s some pictures from our day. :)

Where we entered into the old city!

The wall that we walked along (up top you can see the rails, we walked until well we couldn't and entered into the city!)

This is the American version of the cities court house. (The one on the left..the HUGE ONE)

The boys in front of Kathe Wolfart's, one of my favorite stores throughout Germany! They loved the Huge Nutcracker!

The boys outside the Teddy Bear Store!


Sheri said...

Did I tell you how awesome that city looks!!! WOW!

As for science, one of my favorite "curriculas" is something like the Adventure in Science kits sold at, especially for that age. They are just kits loaded with experiments, a great way to learn and fun. Of course we typically use Five in a Row for our general curriculum (Unit Study) and that covers science.

Also, the Science in Nutshell kits are fun and pretty much all inclusive, the only problems we have had was deciding which ones to buy!