Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Goodbye My Friend

Aprox. 9 months ago I became friends with Michelle and there's just been no looking back. She has become one of my best friends and oh I'm going to miss her so much. Saturday morning I take her and her family to the airport in Nurenburg and say goodbye possibly forever, hopefully not though. Matthew is getting out of the Army, going back to college, will be a reservist, and start civilian life once again. Michelle's husband and mine are good friends. Matthew is, well was one of Chad's soldiers. Her and I just clicked. We spent a few days a week together and talked on the phone normally 5 or more times a day during the last half of the deployment. The thought of going through our next deployment with out her breaks my heart. She was such a great friend and someone I could count on and she's said I made the deployment bearable for her and brought sunshine in her days (one of the nicest things a person could say I think).

I can't believe they're really leaving. I've cried so many times over the last few months just thinking about it. I know come Saturday I'm going to be a complete mess. I'm still debating asking a friend of mine if she can watch the boys for us Saturday morning so Chad can go with me to take them to the airport, but we have to leave at 7 am and it's on a Saturday so I feel bad asking anyone to be up that early if they don't have to be, so most likely I'll tackle it on my own and then come home and cry in Chad's arms.

They're coming over Thursday for dinner and we plan on playing cards/Spades. I'm sure we'll be up late tomorrow night, we always are. It'll be so nice to have one last night with them and I intend on taking lots of pictures of us. I think I will make a small scrapbook for Michelle and one for me.

Goodbye my friend, I will miss you so much. You've made me laugh, you've let me cry, you've prayed for me, I've prayed for you. You love me and my children, as I love yours. I miss you.