Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So much that my head's spinning

Well in the last week our lives have been really crazy. First the death's of the 4 soldiers from our battalion, last Wed was the 1st memorial service for the 1st, 3 soldiers who were killed then yesterday was the memorial service for the 4th soldier who died at the hospital on Thursday from the same accident. My family also had a tragic loss, my step cousin, Jake was killed early Friday morning in a horrible car accident. My head is still spinning from all of these unexpected deaths.

A couple yrs ago I HAD a friend who's husband works for a discount store and told me that her husband faced as much danger as Chad did (who'd left only days before for Iraq the first time), because her husband possibly faced armed robbers.'s obviously the same. Her husband's the manager of a store and my husband was going to a war zone. That was pretty well the straw that broke the camel's back in our friendship that I found had been littered with lies.

I am proud of the job Chad does. I believe in the job he does. I most definately support the job he does. I don't think the military in general is perfect, no job/career is. There are definately negatives to being an Army wife, but there are also a great deal of positives. I've seen how wonderful our medical care is, when our daughter was dx with leukemia and we never had worries about how we were going to pay our medical bills. We did not have the worries of Chad going to work or coming to the hospital because of pay, he got paid no matter if he was in formation that day or reporting with us to the Peds Hem/Onc clinic on the 5th floor of Walter Reed. I have some definate views in politics, I'm a very CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. I'm a CHRISTIAN. I'm a SOLDIERS WIFE. For me these go hand in hand. How I am as a wife, an American, and most of all a Child of God.

I read a blog very reg. and enjoy this woman's posts so much! Her name is Louie and urge you all to read her! I've been reading her since she was at AOL journals and followed her over to blogger. This is a great post!!!


Yellow Mama said...

My daughter was in Marine Boot Camp until she was dicharged for injuries. We were very glad to have her come home even though she's got some rehab ahead of her. We were proud of her wanting to defend her country even though she did not have a chance to do so. I pray today for you and your husband and family. I thank God for His protection over you today and that you and your husband will clearly hear His voice in every circumstance. May His banner over you be His love today. Blessings!

Yellow Mama said...

email me any time you want. If there is anything I can pray for you both, let me know...Cheryl

Linda said...

I'm with you all the way girlfriend! You stated it very eloquently and most of us don't know how to say it.