Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Snowing

It's snowing in Germany! Just last week we were enjoying the high 60's and now my van is covered in snow. I tried to take some pictures earlier, but they did n ot turn out well at all. It started to snow again this evening, but it was getting dark at that point. It's supposed to snow all week long. The weather is just simply crazy!

I was very productive today to say the least! I got tons of laundry done. For those who know me really, really well you know that I HATE and I mean HATE doing laundry. I will avoid it at all costs, but the boys were down to sweat pants, Jacob was running low on socks, and I needed some things as off I went down 4 flights of stairs and did laundry. The boys then had to clean their bedroom and Jackson being ever so helpful pulled out all the clothes...I know the majority of them are clean, but he put them in the dirty they get to all be rewashed. Yeah. Chad will be going back and forth to Graf all week for a class. The class is only going to last 2 or 3 hrs so he will get up bright and EARLY every morning and should be back by 2 or 3 every afternoon. Tomorrow I'll be helping with childcare for a mom's morning out that PWOC is offering (it's an outreach program). So, I will be gone all morning, so in the afternoon while Jack naps and Jacob works on his school work I'll be busy doing more laundry again. I think I'll probably have to do laundry all week to get caught back up. I need to wash bedding as well and with 3 comforters and 3 sets of sheets, pillows, and mattress covers that's an all day job in itself. Since tomorrow and Wed morning are both gone and Thursday I have to do PEP briefing my time is more limited.
Oh Wed-Friday I'll be watching 3 extra kids. Actually Friday I'll have 4 extra ones. The 3 come from a family who's moving next month. Her youngest has never been away from Momma so who knows how that will go. The 4th on Friday she's been away from Momma, so hopefully she'll do good. Jacob goes to little "E's" house on Wed mornings ("E" is the one who's coming Friday while Momma goes to the dayspa for some well deserved pampering! Linda...she's Vern's little girl! I'll take a picture and email you her, she's so stinking cute!).
It's definately going to be a busy and probably cold week. Something tells me this snow isn't going to do much as far as accumulation goes so it's just going to make mud vs anything good to go and play in, and man I love it when it's either nice enough or cold enough for the boys to go out and play, run, and simply burn energy. They sleep so much better and we all feel better when we can spend hours outside. I don't know how parents do it when they stay inside, let the tv be their babysitter, etc. I need to be outdoors as much as the boys I think. I'm in a much better mood when I've been in the sunshine. We lather on sunblock and out we go.

Oh on baby news, last Monday I had my ob apt. The baby was not giving up what she/he is! Those legs were closed up tightly. Hopefully in April we'll find out at my big u/s!

God Bless


Linda said...

If I recall correctly, it snowed for 22 days straight in the month of March last year...some days more than others. The day Scott left for school in the states we got 8 inches...then a few every day after that until about March 24th. So the fact that you've had gorgeous temps is lucky for you!!!

You are going to have your hands full, lady...watching 6 kids...more power to you, girl. I couldn't do it. I get nervous working in child care and nurseries...I don't have to volunteer here at Westview, since Scotty has decided that he doesn't "DO" childcare, lol!

Get your laundry done, girl! Between you and Suzanne, I feel like superwoman - I do my laundry weekly, and don't complain about the socks (that's Suzanne's big beef, lol)

But hey - having a lot of laundry to do means you are truly blessed!!!! And you won't be able to put it aside when the baby comes.

Louie said...

We have no snow left once again. That night I drove in the funnel...that snow was gone the next day.

The weather has been crazy but it's been really mild so I can't and won't complain.

Looking forward to spring! We're thinking of having a massive garage sale to get rid of all my daycare stuff. Sounds like a plan to me! The quicker the better ;)

Sounds like you love laundry as much as we don't! Ugh, thankfully, Pat does a huge amount of it on the weekends so I get a little break. Six people and laundry = lots. Don't know how my mom did it for 10!

I hope your babysitting venture went well. The mere thought of it for me these days makes me cringe...and that's a sad thing. Hope I heal before my grandkids come.

Hope you're feeling well these days...