Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 18 and 19

I've decided to try and catch up a bit, I'd like to be done with this sooner rather than later!

Day 18: Your Favorite birthday

Well I have 2 of them! My 22nd birthday. Jordyn was alive and at that point we thought she was healthy. I don't recall what we did. I know we were stationed in Baumholder, and I'm pretty sure we went out to eat. Life was full of possibilities and full of joy.
My other would be my 30th. I LOVED turning 30 and have loved my 30's since. We were here in Germany where we are stationed now. Chad threw me a surprise party!!! My first surprise ever! He took me to one of our favorite places, Italia's! He invited a few of my friends who greeted us there, he even made me a huge double layer (9x13 size lol) German Chocolate cake (a little useless info....the German chocolate cake is not German, the man who created it, his last name was GERMAN and that's where it's from!! Plus if you have ever had German cake, you'd realize it's so anything but authentic German lol..it's sweet and yummy). I was surrounded by my sweet family and friends and pregnant with Emma. It was so much fun and just a birthday full of joy and celebration and lots of laughter!

Day 19: Something you regret

I'll start and I'm sure I may ruffle a few feathers, but oh well...I can not stand when people say "oh I don't regret anything, it's made me who I am". Ok I think we all know our experiences make us who we are, but that doesn't mean we can't regret things. I absolutely have regrets, actually I have MANY. My biggest regret is ever allowing my parents to smoke even one cigerette around me while I was pregnant with Jordyn and around her after birth. There's now proof that the unborn BABY being exposed to cig. smoke can cause AML leukemia (which is what Jordyn had), and of course 2nd hand as well. I will NEVER forgive myself for that. I always hated their smoking, but never had the courage to stand up to them. I did after she was diagnosed and no one is allowed to smoke around my children or me for that matter. Honestly I wish it was made illegal. It hurts those who do it, it hurts those who are exposed to it...it's so addictive, it changes how the brain works as all drugs do. It breaks my heart that there are some who I love and care about DEARLY continue this addiction, continue to kill themselves, put themselves and others in harms way. It's my heartfelt prayer that they'd quit and others that I know only in passing or even just pass by on the street. THEY deserve better and most of all our children deserve better than to be exposed to those toxins.

So there you go...day 18 and 19.



That corgi :) said...

how sweet with Chad and your 30th birthday party, Christy. Now of course I'm curious what a real "German" cake tastes like. It does sound yummy.

I understand what you are saying about regrets and I have a few myself, my biggest was not going to see my mom before she died (I thought she would survive, what was I thinking? obviously I was in denial)

I can't change what I did but I can learn from it. Which is what you have done. You now make sure no one smokes around your children. I now constantly remind my husband to spend time with his aging parents and encourage him to do so even if it takes away time he would spend with me.

So we learn. And someone told me to forgive myself about my mom, I'm trying to (but as I am typing this, I'm starting to cry, so I guess I haven't completely forgiven myself :)