Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cardboard testimony

We're an Army family and one of the greatest blessings that's come to me as an Army wife has been PWOC. I knew of PWOC slightly when I was invited once by a friend, when Jordyn was alive, at Ft. Belvoir. We went for the first half, and when they split off for bible studies we went home. I had no idea then, what I was missing out on and have no doubt it would have been a blessing for me, even if I would have only been able to go from time to time, because of chemo treatments, etc. I didn't really know too much about it over all though, until we got to Germany, and I'd been encouraged by a few friends from our home church to go to PWOC once we got here. As soon as I got here, I saw signs posted all over post about the PWOC kick off. The kick off was great, it was the 50th year of PWOC, which was started in Germany shortly after WWII and ladies wanted a fellowship/bible study. It's developed so much over the years and I'm sure beyond anything those beautiful women could have imagined and I hope it's all they could have dreamed now. It has spread beyond Army wives and is now on all military bases and posts, all branches, throughout the whole world!!

Since moving here, I've been on the board 4 times. It's been a blessing for me, at times very trying, joyful and tearful. Each board is unique and you're not going to agree with everyone on the board or how it's run. (Which is when you might have that tearful year). But it's always, always been a huge blessing for me, because here's the thing. It's not about me, or the other women there, whether we agree with each other about how things are being run behind the scenes or not. What matters is that it's all about Jesus and what I can say is that every year it's come down to being all about Jesus. When he's the focus, when it's always brought back to him...he's redeemed and he'll redeem you. was our spring kickoff for PWOC. In the fall the board all did Card board testimonies (if you don't know what this is, please do a search they're amazing It won't let me include the link tonight). It was moving, beautiful, and raw. Some were shocking, some were telling, all were those ladies truths and redemption. Today for the Spring kickoff we did more Cardboard testimonies. I had such peace when they'd asked for volunteers from the body before the end of the fall session, so I'd volunteered after praying. Then began praying on what I was to share. God spoke to me quickly, and let me tell you I wasn't too thrilled with what he wanted me to share, but it was part of my truth and of I WAS, and God allowed me to fall on my face to come to him. I had no nervousness until those of us who were sharing got into line and prepared to go in front of the ladies in that room. I thought I was going to get sick. I was baring a sin that I hadn't shared with a lot of people. But there I was, leading the pack. I left the stage in tears, full of so many emotions, that words could not cover. Most of all, so much thankfulness that God has forgiven me and he loves me.

I have to remind myself over and over again, that I'm forgiven. God does not hold my transgressions against me. He loves me. He see's me for who I am and for who I will still become. Just writing about this, has my heart racing again. I am free though, free in and through Christ. I don't know how anyone lives a day without Jesus. I am so thankful for his grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love.


AJ said...

You are amazing! I am so thankful to have you as a friend as well as a sister in Christ. I wish I was there to see it all. Miss you and love you friend!

One Christian Mom said...

I love the cardboard testimonies. they are always so moving and insightful. I am glad you have found a place of fellowship where you can come together with fellow believers. It sounds like a wonderful ministry :)