Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prayers for injured soldier

Army life has many ups and downs and a few days ago we were reminded of not only the downs, but how fragile life is, especially for active duty soldiers. Friends of ours who left here last summer and moved to a stateside duty station, he was hurt in an IED incident. He finally stable enough to be transferred to Landstuhl Army Medical Hospital, here in Germany. It just so happens that Chad has been up at Landstuhl since early Tuesday morning for an apt on Tuesday and two apts today. Chad was able to see Drew as the staff wheeled Drew out of surgery and back to his room in ICU. Chad had an apt at 2:30, he'd been up in the ICU waiting room to see if he'd be allowed to go in and sit with Drew for a little bit. We don't know if they'll let Chad in with Drew or not, but his wife will not be coming over here, becasue he's not going to be here long enough to fly her over, so we're hoping they'd let someone who knows and cares about Drew to be with him, even if only for a few minutes. This would also give his wife a personal account of how Drew's doing before he gets to the states and she can join him. He had life altering injuries (I don't have permission to share those injuries so I won't post them here), but please be in prayer for Drew and Jenn and their unborn son.


Conny said...

adding prayers ... have been through this scenario often within our military community and my husband's military career. So glad God has allowed your husband to be there for your friend (as much as he is allowed to be).