Monday, June 11, 2012

Are You a Slob too?

So are you a slob? When I hear that word, I picture one of two scenerio's....a home that has food/dirty dishes all over the place or a home like what you see on the show hoarders. Now, I'm not "that" bad, but if anyone saw certain rooms on a bad day, week, month, etc...well I'd be horrified. Mostly my bedroom is our "dirty little secret". It's AWFUL. It's the room that everything gets shoved, thrown, and piled into when company is coming over and then is promptly locked, because you don't want to CHANCE anyone accidently opening the door and seeing the horror-fest!
I'm the best cleaner when we have company coming...well guess is coming! Today the kids have been hard at work (and play and messing around and get the picture) cleaning the top floor (their rooms are up there, so it's their responsibility). So today I'm going to start on the disaster that is the Master Bedroom. We had it cleaned up about 3 months or so ago. It was nice and relaxing for me to go into, relax, read, surf the web, watch tv, sit and talk with the kids privately, and biggest yet...I was leaving the door open, when company was over. Now though, oh no, no,no,no. When I went to have Olivia we got a new bed. A wonderful, comfortable, huge...King Size bed. then baby gifts were tucked in there, until I had time to go through them (which I have), then baskets of laundry were brought in there (because I hadn't had time to fold them and someone was coming over) and once they're in there, they just sit and oh you know that they also magically double and tripple over night. Then paperwork was brought in and a sweet little toddler dumps said paperwork, and well  you're tired from night-time nursings, and well seriously the room is packed full again, no room to walk without walking on something (besides a bare floor) so I get out of there as quickly as possible, avoid it as much as humanly possible during the day, and then crawl back in there at the end of the day, to collapse in bed, wake up and repeat.

So today's the day. Most of my day is gone, but the baby who only wanted to nap on me is finally awake and very content in her  bouncy seat, so I'm about to head into the warzone. I'm going to take a before picture and then as I make progress I'll take pictures. I do not know if I'll show the world, but it'll be there for ME and that way I will hopefully never go back.

So besides the inspiration that company is coming, I'm also inspired by:

Do you know her? I LOOOVE her. She's my inspiration. After my company is gone next week, I'm going to start using her tactics. We have a lot of things happening in the next year (a GREAT, BIG MOVE across the ocean...sob-sob-sigh)...our beloved little Army post here in Germany is closing, and well Chad's never fully recovered from his injuries in the wreck he had almost 2  years ago, so medical retirement is beginning. Downsizing is now a MUST. We will most likely be limited to about 10,000 lbs which may sound like a lot to some of you (especially if you've never moved or your a minimalist) but we're not, we also have large pieces of furniture and 5 living children, and have lived in Germany for 7 years (next month) we've acquired a great deal of furniture (upgraded in many things). I want to get rid of everything we don't need or want (we have an attic and garage so it's easy to stick things there and then not think about them until you go up or in there and get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that at some point you MUST deal with it). So my goal is, get the living space of our house dealt with first. Sort what we want to keep, toss what needs to be tossed, sale or give away what we simply don't need any longer, but someone else does!

Oh and on a side note..I AM still doing the couch to 5 K, I'm just still stuck on Week 5, but tomorrow we're moving to week 6. I'll blog about that tonight or tomorrow after day 1.


Conny said...

Best wishes on your clean out endevours!! We've been slowly clean-sweeping our home (and are HOPING to move some day sooner or later!!!) ...

Wow, 7 years in Germany!!! LUCKY!!!! :) We had 3 years in Wuerzburg - and I miss it (visited there this past March and was ready to move back - but of course, the Army is long gone from there) ...