Monday, November 05, 2012


I'm very open on my political stance. I'm a Conservative Christian, Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion, Constituionalist, God-fearing and loving, Tea Party, girl on the Right. I don't think I have a liberal bone in my  body. I detest Obama. I think he's harmed our nation in ways we have not even seen yet and am concerned that if things that he's put into action are not repealed our country is heading to becoming a socialist nation.

So there it is. Now, I will also say that I think voting is a priveldge that we can not take for granted. When you have a husband who's fought for our rights and other countries to have the freedom to vote for their elected official, we can not take that lightly. Chad's been deployed 5 times, the last 3 being in Iraq, with the last being for 15 months. It was not easy, some days it felt unending, it's exhausting. But as exhausting as it was for me, it was nothing compared to what Chad and his brothers (and sisters) went through.

Please though, go vote. It's so important and our nation truly does depend on it.


Conny said...

right there with ya!! :)

MEM Reel said...

Mark and I got out and voted early.