Saturday, June 08, 2013

Showing Grace and Mercy

I've recently seen a new "fad" you could say. Christians bashing Christians. It breaks my heart, it bothers me, and when I see it I go to say something and then have no peace. I don't want to be part of another phase of bashing, yet feel convicted that I'm to go to my sister(s)/brother(s) in Christ and well tell them to stop.
I don't understand the constant crowing from some who are saying "show grace, show  mercy, be forgiving" yet what do they do "That's a fine example of a Christian" in a sarcastic tone. "This is why unbelievers hate Christians", etc. It is so hurtful, it groups all Christians into this one group.
I am not perfect, I don't know a soul who is other than our Lord, Jesus Christ. I know I don't always show grace and mercy, like I should. I so hope and pray I'm not seen as someone who bashes others. I want to be known as a Christian and that my love for Jesus shined from me, as a wife, mother, etc....but most of all as a Christian and I want to represent Christ in the best possible way.
I know I often fall miserably in showing his love, grace, and mercy more days than I like. Let those who care about me or even just know me, and see me in my sin, that they'll show enough grace to call me out in my sin.


Cheryl said...


I am not sure if I told you on an earlier comment, or not, but I love the pictures of your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing :)

Love and Hope,

Unknown said...

I see and hear it too, hon; makes me very sad. The best we can do is continue to live what God says love is. I have spoken out at times, but only when I feel the Lord prompted me to do it. I know HE did because those I spoke to, as kindly as I could, accepted what I said; said they didn't even realize what they were doing, that they just got to acting like those they were around the most. Goes to show that we're always influencing somebody. Have an awesome day.