Saturday, February 15, 2014

So excited

I keep watching the clock today, and of course as with any watched clock, it's dragging by so slowly. Why am I watching it? Tonight when Chad gets home for work, we're going to see my best friend for a few days and then to see Chad's family! (If you're concerned that I'm posting about us leaving our house, no worries we have someone who will be watching our house and neighbors who are watching out for our house as well!).
I just can not wait to see Tami and her family, hug her and spend time with her. We always spend a lot of time laughing, talking, cooking, and just enjoying each others company!! Her kids are out of school Mon-Wed and her husband is taking Thursday and Friday off and she's keeping her boys home the other two days as well, so it'll be a fun week for all. Chad's not seen his family in over 10 years, so I'm so excited that he's going to get to see them!!!
Neither Chad's family nor Tami and her family have met Noah and Olivia, and Emma was only a year old the last time we saw all of them, so I'm really excited about that as well!

God has blessed us so much. My parents very happily agreed to keep Lucky and Alley for us and another friend agreed to keep Whiskers, so the pets are taken care of. When we come home, we'll be staying the night at my parents and then finishing off our trip, thankfully  my parents aren't too far so that when we do have to get back in the van, the drive won't be too bad, just a couple hours!

Today has been a day of doing laundry, backing suitcases, and just cleaning up around the house (steam cleaning the family room, vacuuming the living room and hall) and just making sure everything is picked up before heading out.) Just a few more hours!!!!!


betty said...

have a good time; sounds like fun!


Blondee said...

I hope you had a good visit. Sounds like you have your bases covered and are ready for a great time. :)