Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok I'll start off nice and go into venting soon, oh I promise. VBS is almost over. Thankfully. I will say that the 8 months give or take of Awana is FAR LESS exhausting than the 3 hrs a day of VBS is. I'm truly wiped out. We ended up having a lot of teens volunteer, which in a way is great, because they're also hearing about Jesus, granted most if not all of them know him, and hopefully have given their life to him, but lets just say that a good amount of them think it's 3 hrs of social time. I seem to have a couple rather popular teens helping me out in my group as crew leaders so I have ended up with teen boys (who want to goof off) and teen girls who just want to talk join us. Today I pretty well had it and talked to the director over the Ele. age kids and told her that, and she said to feel free to just kick them out and if they don't like it and want to give attitude to tell them they can either see her or just go home, but that she's standing behind me 100%. Craft time seems to be the worst time these teens "join" us. This is also the time the crew leaders needs to be helping the kids out the most. The lady who is leading crafts is great and while I was helping kids the other day, she walked in (she was late) and got after a girl who was actually instigating the younger ones to misbehave. It was rediculous. So tomorrow, the last day I will NOT be nice. I warned my crew leaders that if their friends came in, they WILL be kicked out of the room. I also reminded them that they're crew leaders and that they need to be helping the kids or them being with us is pointless. I have honestly really great crew leaders in adults and teens, the 2 adults I have both said they'll HAPPILY kick the extra teens out (lol) they've been getting on their nerves as well. Otherwise, it's really been a great week for VBS. We have some great kids in our group, and I pray that at least a few of them are close to giving their hearts to Jesus who have not yet.

Ok, now with my vent. I post on a board that I've been posting on since I found out I was pregnant with Jack. It's definately had plenty of fights, disagreements, and just plain ugliness. There's also been amazing friendships made, bonds, and just pure caring. I've also been saddened by the women who just simply deny GOD. They do not believe there even IS a God...yes true athiests. One woman her mother was a devout Christian, but because GOD did not cure her mother from her breast cancer, and she went to be with him, there's obviously NOT a GOD. @@@@@@@ I've prayed for her, but I struggle with liking this woman. So anyways a person brought up a Pagan way of finding out if you're having a boy or a girl and asked the board what we thought about it. I said it wasn't up to stars and charts, it's only up to GOD. Of course this woman who I just spoke of a moment ago said "actually it's all up to the male". One I know my science and 2. It's STILL Ultimately UP TO GOD. He knows WHEN everything is going to happen, etc. Then a person who's proclaimed she's a Christian says that we should respect everyone's different beliefs and that just because "S" doesn't believe in GOD doesn't mean we should push our beliefs on her. What????????? I am just utterly disgusted. This is what we're dealing with ....PC with Christians. I'm not going to play that game. I just can't. It just watched a video last night and it talked about how many Christians today are more worried about being Politically Correct than standing up for Christ and God definately showed me that tonight. I'm honestly still so angry I can't see straight.

At what point are people going to realize that being PC is NOT going to get them to Heaven? I'm just honestly disgusted and furious right now. WHEN do people think it's ok to stand up for Christ? In church, not in quite a few. Definately not in business, because you'll be infringing on someone elses rights and beliefs, and rarely in one on one conversations.

I'm starting to shake just thinking about it again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to scream and tell them how STUPID they all are and that if they don't get their butts in gear and realize that the ONLY WAY to HEAVEN is through Jesus Christ...they're going to spend an eternity in Hell. Why doesn't Hell scare more people? It should. It's not this rediculous "hell" people have conjured up in their tiny little brains, this is eternity of true and utter misery. Any misery we've felt physically or emotionally has NOTHING on what an Eternity in Hell is going to be like. I know I should feel more pity for them, I do pity them. I'm also just ticked though. I just think for so many they're not going to get it until it's too late.


Scott B. said...

This touches a great deal on the four messages I heard recently.

For those that know God, there is no turning back. He is relentless and will pursue them as He did Jonah when Jonah attempted to flee.


At the conclusion of this message, the pastor spoke of a young lady and her mother approaching him the previous Sunday. The mother said, "I want you to tell me why this man that died 2,000 years ago has any importance to me and my life."

The pastor responded, "First of all... he was not man, He Is God."

"Second, you obviously have a lot of hatred right now and probably won't listen to one word I say. I challenge you to do this. Get a Bible and commit to read a little bit of the book of John every day this month. Before you read, ask God to reveal himself to you. What have you got to lose? If you do that and God is not real, you can go on knowing that you figured out its all a crock. But, if God reveals himself to you, you need to turn to God right then and there."

A week later, the same lady wrote him a letter. Dear pastor, remember me? I asked you this and you said that. I was actually speaking for my daughter Freedom. She called last night. She reached the end of her rope and decided it was over. Her marriage was a disaster. Her life was a mess.

She picked up the Bible, dared God to reveal Himself to her, and began reading.

She cried for an hour and then called me. She gave her life to Jesus. She is a changed life.

I've always hated calling her freedom... but now, I have an easier time saying it. She is free indeed.


I am not PC. I don't have many friends for that either. When maintaining the relationship becomes more important than confronting sin, the role of spiritual advisor has been compromised.

Go read my blog where I wrote about Jonah. If you want the actual message, go here: and listen to the following:
God in Pursuit 1
God in Pursuit 2
When God's Voice is Crystal Clear 1
When God's Voice is Crystal Clear 2


Linda said...

Christy - you are SO strong in your faith!

Keep praying for that woman (and others that WE know need God). Remember to hate the sin, love the sinner. This woman may deny God, but as you "love" her by praying for her, God will see that this woman needs Him, and He will guide her.

Be stong, woman!