Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Christmas Is REALLY About

It's NOT about the gifts, it's not about recieving, it's not about the shopping, it's not even about's about accepting Christ's love. It's about not only Christ's birth, not only his life, but it's about his death on that Cross on Calvary. Let us NOT forget why we have the reassurance of Eternity. Without Christ we do NOT have the security of Heaven. If you have not proclaimed Jesus Christ as your Savior, as God: I AM. If you have not accepted his FREE have aboslutely nothing. Without Jesus you can NOT know love. He tells us that, because HE IS Love!


Louie said...

I'm guilty of falling into that buying frenzy...HOWEVER, It is pointed out each year that Christmas is not about the gifts, giving, or receiving.

It is the birth of Christ, it's about loving, being together as a family. I am not 100% Christian but was raised in a Christian home and that base of teachings has stuck with me throughout my life.

Thanks for this Christy. Often times, like just the other day, I have to remind people that they shouldn't take the little things for granted. One was worried about P and I with me not working, money being tight...I told them I have my husband, my kids, and love and that's what matters. But there are times that I have to remind myself of these things. I know I can come to your site and remember...

Scott B. said...

On your post talking about Christmas, all I have to say is, "Amen, amen, amen, and amen."