Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and focused on the TRUE meaning! My boys got insanely too many gifts and next year we (Chad and I) will be scaling down immensely. Ultimately they just do not need that many gifts and between friends and family they will still get more than they need. They had a wonderful Christmas and loved everything from the Santa gifts to the clothes they recieved! They both have good hearts and were saying thank you after opening every gift! Chad and I were both very blessed! I got a beautiful ornament that I really wanted from Jacob and he picked out these beautiful hand painted bells (the ornament was hand painted as well). I got a Welcome sign that I wanted and great basket that I'd mentioned I liked from Jack, and a Palm Pilot from Chad!! Chad got so much! The big things from me was an Authentic German Nativity and a Artist Signed Stein (the artist also wrote Chad's name on it!) ...Jacob got him slippers he wanted and Jack got him a wallet which he told Chad he got him the day we bought it!! LOL He's 3 and knows nothing about keeping a suprise quiet! :)

The boys each get 1 Santa gift...Jacob got a Hot Wheels Terradactyl Race Track and Jack got a Thomas The Train Electric Train Set. They got a ton of other items as well, it was insanity truly! Here's some pictures from our morning!

God Bless

Ok so I'll have to post pictures later...blogger's picture option and tiny pictures are both just laoding way too slowly.

I'll post the pictures tomorrow!


Linda said...

I'll have to share what I got sometime...sad. Glad you had a good Christmas. Sounds like you really worked on the meaning of Christmas. I was sick and crabby all day.

Oh - and I hear Goodyear accepted the new contract and voted it in, so I'm happy your dad's going back to work!