Monday, January 08, 2007

A few Christmas Gifts

Jack's new Train Conductor outfit. He's all about Thomas the Train. My best friend got this for him and he loves it!

The blanket my mom made for me
(See the sea of toys to the side of me!)

Chad's Army blanket my mom made for him

Below, the German Nativity that I got for him.

The basket that Jack got for me, below the Welcome sign that Jack got for me.

Jacob got me these bells to the left and below the ornament also from Jacob. I love them so much!

Jack's Thomas Train Track, to the left.

Below Jacob's Terradactyl Hotwheel race track

These were the boys Santa gifts.

Jack and Jacob's Castle they got from their Great Grandma W.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow that castle looks pretty awesome! Don't let my boys see!! (We are big Thomas fans here, too, but that's a given in a house full of boys!)

Louie said...

You know what? I am so happy that you all got to spend Christmas as a family. That is my first thought.

Next thought? Christmas is for the kids. My kids are all too big for the toys now, kinda miss it. It's all we can do to go broke over the holidays.

I love those ornaments! Did you know that you can get blankets made of photos that you have? I just recently discovered that. Perhaps I'm a sheltered one.