Saturday, April 07, 2007

Christ Has Risen!

Well it's Easter here in Germany!! I'm still up at 2 am...grrr. I wish I wasn't. I fell asleep on the couch tonight and got a nap, then woke up and cleaned up the house a little bit so it'll look good for pictures in the morning!! :) I am finally starting to feel tired, so after this I'm heading to bed.

In the morning the boys will wake up and find their easter buckets, overload on candy, and then my friend's going to drop her dog off while they go on to Garmisch for a few days during block leave. Her hubby's getting ready to deploy soon. We'll then get all dressed up in our Easter clothes and off to church we go. We'll then head over to the CAC (community Activity Center) and have the boys picture taken...once we get it back, I'll scan it. Once we get home we're going to dye eggs.................... Once we get done with that Daddy's going to take them outside and hide the eggs and then I'm going to take the boys out and let them find the eggs! They love it. Once they're done we'll hopefully be having dinner soon after! I love cooking holiday meals! I'm planning on making a turkey breast, home made noodles, home made bread, mashed potatoes, and we'll have cranberry sauce that the boys LOVE! Mmmm! I love this meal! :)

Before bed we're going to read the bible and discuss Christ dying for us, how he rose, and how much he loves us. Thankfully the boys love Jesus and both love being read to. One of the things I'm wanting to do as a family is start a bible study together, one that's on the boys that Chad and I both feel that they're learning about God, learning about why Jesus came to Earth, lived, and died for us. Jacob gets quite a bit of this and although Jack's young and doesn't get all of it...they both are always full of questions. They're both so inquisitive.

I want Easter to be focused on Jesus, not on candy, not on The Easter Bunny, not on Eggs....but on JESUS.

Have a wonderful Easter. Remember the reason for this day.

God Bless