Thursday, April 05, 2007

We're Having A..................

My due date also moved up a week, it's now August 16, so the week before that she should be making her entrance into the world!!! We couldn't be more thrilled! I started shaking and crying I was so happy! I prayed and prayed and told God this was the desire of my heart before we EVER started even trying and after we started I continued to tell him and kept up until last night when I poured out my heart to him once again. He knew the desires and I truly believe that God gives us what our family needs, had this baby been a boy it would have been fine. I would have been happy and loved him with all my heart. I would have known a boy was what was meant for our family at this time. I'm thrilled that God saw it fit that a daughter is what is needed for our family at this time.
We will NOT be sharing the names we're discussing and we will not announce what her name is once we've picked it until she's born!

Linda, I'll email you the picture of her foot that my dr printed off for me today!

God Bless!


Linda said...

I am CRYING right now! The chills up and down my spine, tears in my eyes....I was just thinking about you as I was driving through town, wondering if your little girl was ever going to show herself, or keep herself a secret till birth. I knew, in my heart of hearts, that you would have your little girl. I was hoping that you'd be telling me soon, too! Oh joy!

Scott B. said...


Do like we did. When someone asked us what we were naming the baby, we'd say, "OMAHA!"

Goes both ways... boy or a girl.

They can complain all they want and be totally relieved when you name her something else.

Kelly said...

Congrats on your little girl Christy!

Sheri said...

Crying happy tears for you!! I was just coming to see how you are feeling.