Monday, June 11, 2007

Little Update

Not sure if I even wrote about this, but well almost 2 weeks ago I took my glucose test and it showed up bad, then I went to a specialist and he said my results showed up as borerline, so all last week I pricked my finger an hour after I ate. All my readings came back great. I had 3 fairly high ones, but I knew why (a couple poor choices) and that was all the dr wanted to make sure of (that I'm aware of what makes my blood sugar high and I definately do!!). So....anyways I went back this morning and he was really happy and now I just have to check it once a day. I will go back and see him one last time in 3 weeks, which I'll be 33 weeks pregnant at that point. I will continue to watch what I eat.

Chad had knee surgery and had his stitches removed today. He will start physical therapy now. He will finally be able to take a real shower, can go swimming anytime after 7 pm tonight! He's thrilled! It'll be nice for him to start being able to do things again. He no longer needs to use his crutch, another plus. He'll turn those back in tomorrow! He's on leave until Sunday. His unit is out in the field,and is ortho told him he is NOT to go, so we'll see how the 1st Sgt takes that. It really doesn't matter, because at this point Chad's health is the most important thing and the fact that this battalion (the LTC in particular) put this off even after the surgeon said he NEEDED surgery..but hey who cares! Anyways!! :) The surgery is done, he's on his way to healing and becoming completely healthy again. He's really looking forward to when he can once again running.

Summer is definately here and on Friday we're buying an A/C. I can't handle the heat the rest of this pregnancy. We had a few days of the 90's last week and this weekend. This week is supposed to be cooler, but they're calling for a long and hot summer here in Germany and since housing doesn't provide A/C, we'll be buying one. I've found quite a few in the paper and if those are gone by payday we'll go off post and get one, since the PX is always out of them. I've had one summer baby and in Kansas for that matter. Most of that summer was in or close to 100 with high humidity throughout the whole summer, it's liveable with Central air and we had a very large pool in our backyard. We will be going to the swimmbad everyday that it's between staying there and having the A/C I will hopefully be comfortable! :)

Well time for Jacob's school work. We're just doing one subject a day during the summer (on days to the pool we'll do school in the morning).

Have a good day!


Kelly said...

Should I be more excited for the sugar results or the a/c? ;-)