Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayers Please

One of my best friends is going through the worst nightmare any parent can go through, the loss of her child. Emily's 3rd daughter was born 5 days ago. They new about 1 1/2 months ago that there was something wrong with Miller Grace's brain, but they couldn't know exactly what it was until she was born. Unfortunately there's nothing the drs can do. Miller Grace will be meeting Jesus face to face at any point now, it could be hours or days...but either way she's going home.

Emily continues to praise Jesus for the blessing of Miller Grace for even a few days. I ask that you hold up Emily & Matt. Pray for their 2 other daughters as the little sister they've been waiting on will not join them in their physical home, but will one day meet them in their Heavenly home. Pray that Miller Grace's entrance into Heaven is gentle.

My heart breaks for all of them. I wish so much that Emily of all people did not have to know this pain. I love her so much and the thought that we have this in common breaks my heart. I don't want her to know this pain that will last a lifetime. Even though we can rejoice that our children are in Heaven, we are still human and still want them here with us. It's the human in us. The mother's in us, who wants to be able to rock and nurse her baby, to make her feel better.

Pray for Emily as the days and weeks go by and her body aches to nurse this precious baby, as her body goes through post partum and her arms are empty of this precious baby she grew for 9 months.