Thursday, September 06, 2007


Hi well Emma is a month old as of this past Monday (Labor Day), I can't believe she's already a month old, time just goes by so quickly. I don't want time to stop (been there done that...hate it)...but to have it slow down and just let them stay small longer would be nice!

The boys are doing great. They're both in soccer and tonight Jacob had his first game. I haven't uploaded the pictures from that yet, but he had a great time! Last year he only got to play one position (defense) and he did not enjoy the season at all, this year Chad's coaching and he had Jacob in 4 different positions in just the one game! He had a great time! All the kids seemed! The parents were happy to see their kids having so much fun and the kids actually were working together. There were times they got grouped up, but it was far less than last year, and it's the same age group that Jacob played in last there's definate improvement!

Jacob at Playmobil last Friday

Jack will have one more practice and then they will have 3 games and his season will be over with. But it's instructional and they're just learning the basics and really 6 weeks total is good for them! They have short attention spans and their skills, well they're still um...developing! LOL He likes it though and he gets to RUN which Momma likes because it tires him out!! Jack at Playmobil last Friday

Oh and it's COLD here! We got down to 37 degree's last night! Brrr is all I can say! They turned the heat on here on post, so our heat is at least on. It got turned on today so tonight we won't all freeze! Our bird was cold today, poor thing. I will say though, he was him being cold had it's perks! LOL We're going down to Garmisch tomorrow, so it'll be even colder down there. A friend of mine was down there last weekend and said there's snow up in the Alps already. I am looking forward to it though. It's a retreat, but we'll have all but 1 hr for free time, so we plan to go walking around down town and just enjoying our time there!! Jacob will get to enjoy the Kids Day Out program. Jack will be in the CDC during our class, but otherwise we plan to have him with us, I see no reason to leave him in childcare if we're not in our session. Jacob's is different, they actually take them out and around and do things with them. Emma will stay with us the whole time of course.

Well, I need to run down to the laundry room and throw the last of our clothes into the dryer (nothing we're taking with us just some jeans, except for my tennis shoes). Last night I was asleep by a little after 10. I was up at around 8 this morning too and no nap for me either...of course I'm wide awake! I'll just have to sleep on the way to Garmisch tomorrow morning! LOL :)

Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

All so adorable.

Kelly said...

the pictures came out great! I'm truly looking forward to it cooling off here. Maybe if it gets down to 40 outside and I leave my windows open the house will finally cool off?! LOL

Emily said...

If Matilyn is my mini-me, then Emma is Jackson's!!!! :) Adorable.