Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That's where we're going for block leave!!! We leave in a little over two weeks and we'll be there for 7 FULL Days! I'm so excited, Chad's excited, the boys are excited, Emma doesn't realize it, but she is too! LOL We are just so blessed to be able to live in Germany and to do the traveling we're able to do! Chad's always wanted to go to Ireland and the fact that I've been able to make this happen is just beyond thrilling to me!

We'll be staying in Bed and Breakfast's and renting a car. I don't see myself doing much if any of the driving, because it just freaks me out thinking of driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car! LOL We have been looking at rentals and tomorrow or Thursday will book a minvan. We want to make sure we have plenty of room to be comfy! Their vans are still smaller than ours, but we want to have enough room for the kids not to feel squished since we'll have to drive quite a bit. Pray that we have no issue's with the driving on the otherside of the road please!

Next start of planning will be for R&R! I have to decide where we'll go, part of that will all depend on WHEN Chad will get R&R. I have a friend who went to the Virgin Island's for part of their R&R and she said they LOVED it! I have to say that sounds REALLY awesome about now! If Chad doesn't come home around Thanksgiving or Christmas, the VI will definately be a BIG Contender. I've also thought about Spain! We have plenty of time to decide on R&R, but I want it to be special that's for sure!!

Well, I need to get to bed I have PWOC in the morning! I can't wait for our trip though and will definately post lots of pictures!! :)


Linda said...

A: JEALOUS! I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Just don't kiss the Blarney Stone. I have heard some horrid things about the "locals" urinating on it at night...then the tourists bend over and kiss it, not knowing...ick.

B: I'd go with Spain...somewhere south in Europe (even south of France, but modesty there...well...you've heard, I'm sure). But the Virgin Islands, while they ARE great...you'd be better off doing all the European travels you can while you are there. You can probably do the Virgin Islands cheaper when you're back here.

And speaking of back here...when are you coming??????

Louie said...

I know I've said this to you a ga-gillion times already but you are so lucky to live in Europe!!! It just now dawned on me...my brother was in Germany for a few days before they headed to Kosovo although I don't know which part. He sent me pics...miss him.

As per my usual request, send along those pictures!!!!! And have a great time with the Irish...one of my favorite movies has always been Far and Away, love the accents and LOVE the scenery!

Renee in Garmisch Germany said...

Enjoy Ireland. THat's one place we wanted to go but ran out of time and money....