Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jack's 5

It's almost 3 am and I really SHOULD be in bed, but here I am thinking of my now 5 yr old little boy. My how the years have flown by. He's my 3rd child, living as the 2nd. He's completely unique and completely, Jackson. It's hard for me to label him, because one moment he's all boy, rough and tumble and the next he's a cuddle bug who wants to revert to being the baby. I remember when he was a baby and how he loved to cuddle with me. The depth of love I felt for him overwhelmed me at times, as it seems to everytime God has gave me a baby. He immediately was special and our bond was something I can't find words for.
We spent 9 months with Chad in Iraq. Unfortunately Chad missed Jack's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthday's. He was home to celebrate his 4th. (He was home the day after Jack's 2nd birthday). Once again Daddy's back in Iraq and we're marking another year of Jackson's precious life. God has been so good to allow our family to be blessed to have this little boy in our lives. I'm so grateful for him.

We're in Michigan and will be celebrating his special day with friends. We're taking him to Castaway. He's going to love it. He's getting an Ice Cream cake, which he'll love. Tons of presents, and lots and lots of play!

I'm so blessed to be Jackson's mommy and thank our Lord and Savior for him.

Happy Birthday Jackson, I love you.


Chelle' said...

Hi Christy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's been a while since we've talked.

I'm glad you stopped by. I will remember to pray for your family as you continue to fight the good fight.

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your third born. What a wonderful gift of God you have in Jackson.