Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lil' Update

Well I'm in KS and have been for a couple weeks now. Today we had a big get together/birthday celebration (for Jack and Emma). It was great, my friend Linda who I met 3 yrs ago in Germany when we'd both moved there, she left a year later for Ft. Riley. Her and her 2 kids who've grown soooooo much came up! It was FABULOUS seeing you!!!! At the final count we had over 60 people there throughout the day! It was a lot of fun seeing friends and family we haven't seen in years. Friends from high school came and it was so good to see all of them, but one in particular just brought me to tears. It truly amazes me that seeing her brought on so much emotion. I just couldn't help but cry as I saw her with her beautiful family and to see such a happiness in her! We also have family friends who came to visit. When I was a kid we rented a house from them, we moved from that house when my parents bought the land their house now sits on. I absolutely adore these 2. Their daughter just won the Rep. primary to be our State Representative. They are two of the most wonderful people in the world and have truly overcame so much adversitity. They've both had cancer, he lost his left leg because of it. He fell off their roof, fell 2 stories, hit the balcony, then hit their cement drive...numerous broken bones (most in his face), and he was laughing on days after.
We had great food. My dad grilled brats, burgers, & hotdogs and then everyone brought various sides. We had 2 birthday cakes (one for Emma and 1 for Jack), my uncle who got married last weekend snuck in left over wedding cake, literally there was food galore!
Earlier in the week one of my other high school best friends drove 7 hours with her 4 children to see us! Her youngest is 2 weeks older than Emma. Her little girl is walking, but has no teeth, yet Emma's not walking and has 5 almost 6 teeth! :) The girls played together and did all the other kids!
My boys are loving their time here. They especially love playing with my brother's girls. They run, run, run, play in the sand pile, swim, play in the play room, play with the dogs, have went on numerous 4 wheeler rides, a few tractor rides (my dad has a big John Deere), playing at my brother's house, and loving on our two dogs that my parents are keeping for us (they're 11 yrs old and we knew would be miserable in an apartment in Germany).

On Tuesday I head down to Emily's (see sidebar). I can't wait! I should arrive on Wed. I'll stop over night and stay with our old neighbor from Ft. Riley. I can not wait to get to Emily's! Then we'll head North, see another friend for a couple days, then up to my inlaws for a few days, and then off to my best friend Tami's! I'm really excited to see her too. Her boys are the same ages as mine. Her oldest daughter died from cancer about 1 1/2 months after Jordyn died (we met on a bereaved cancer parents online group). God has truly blessed me with my friends. On my way home I'm hoping to see one of the friends who came today. She's a homeschooling momma of 6! I think I'll be driving past her so it'll be nice to get to see her again before I head home to Germany.

I will have pictures to share once I am back to Germany!

God Bless


Linda said...

The kids were still complaining that they didn't get to have cake, lol! But Hannah said, "it was SO nice to play with Jacob again...he's SO nice". And Scotty said, "yeah, it was fun...even though the other boy was crabby!" (LOL!).

It was truly WONDERFUL seeing you, and I'll have to post (and email) some of the pictures I took. Didn't take a lot, but hey....

Can't wait for you to spin back to this area!

Amanda said...

This is tear jerking!! I hope you and yours continue to have fun and spend time doing whats really important! Fostering relationships!

Many blessings-