Friday, August 07, 2009

Back to "Normal"

Monday, Chad returns to work. Life in that aspect will start to go back to normal. We also will be starting back to school . We homeschool so we have the opportunity to decide the day and time. We're going to try mornings again this year. Last year we had to do school in the afternoon, because of Emma, but I'm praying that she'll be more cooperative so we can do it in the morning and get it done. My hope is get it done and then have afternoon's for nap time, chores, library, etc. I am working on our schedule right now. I already have it planned as far as what subjects what days, but it's the extra things...such as what chores what day, what day we go to the library (it'll be a weekly activity), our homeschool group will do PE and possibly we'll pick back up on 4H. I'd also like to have Jacob and possibly Jackson take up piano. We do need to get a keyboard, they sell some very nice ones at the PX. I also want them to both take German, which is offered here on post.

Soccer will be starting soon for Jackson and Jacob's currently signed up for football, we're just hoping they have enough boys to have a team, if not then he'll play soccer too and Awana will start up in September again.

I had a friend ask me "how long do you intend on home schooling and do you feel the boys are missing out from not regular school". We have no intentions of placing them in public school ever. I feel very strongly that homeschooling is where GOD has led our family and believe that we'll continue to obey our Lord, if he leads us somewhere else down the road, then we'll obey, he's absolutely not set it on my heart that we'll ever stop homeschooling (well once it's time for college they'll go)! It's such a privilege to spend my days with my children. It's so humbling to think that GOD has chosen me and Chad to be responsible for our children's schooling. It's such a blessing to know I get to see my children and help them learn their lessons. To see them as they learn something new. I'm so honored that GOD has called our family to homeschool. I don't take it lightly, and I refuse to question GOD in where he has led our family.

The next few months I'll also be doing something for "me" although I really feel my whole family will be blessed 2nd hand as well. I'll be facilitating a bible study. What study? None other than Beth Moore's Esther. I'm so very excited there aren't even words. To know that I'm going to be so blessed and know that other women are going to be equally blessed by Beth and this study, but most of all, by GOD??? So exciting, but more so, humbling that GOD's placed this on my heart, that I've prayed and truly felt him leading me to this study.

I am amazed at where GOD's placed me in this life. How this is not the life I ever imagined. It's better. It's truly amazing to see what GOD will do with us when we obey, and even when we don't, he still brings us right back to where we belong, where he wants us.


Emily said...

Love it. Love you. Love doing life with you!