Sunday, August 09, 2009

School Days

Here we go, in a few hours the kids will be up (and I really should be in bed!) and a new school year for our family will begin. The boys are admittedly not excited right now, but as we get going and Daddy's helping with things I think they'll get excited and I'm going to have a time every morning where we have a short devotional to start off our day with, so we're in the right mindset...FOCUSED on GOD and a good reminder that God wants us to learn, follow his word and commandments, and find joy in our days even in the most mudane of tasks.

Chad also returns to work in the morning. He's thinking this week the days may be short, because things are not in yet from Iraq. He plans to spend a lot of time at the gym. He has to lose weight so he can re-enlist and GOD willing we can remain here in Germany! He will also get promoted, which is great for him career wise and family wise it's a nice pay raise! We will also put our name on the housing list in hopes that GOD (and the Army) will see it fit for us to move into the townhomes either on post or even off post that's still considered post housing. We do not care which one, we just want to get out of this apartment and move into a house. I will say the ones off post have an extra perk of having a car port and it'd be 15 minutes closer to my friend Jen. I think we'd just have to transfer our phone and internet, so that shouldn't be too much of a hassle! Please pray that GOD's will be in place and that we will trust that will fully and completely. I truly believe we're to stay here in Germany, I'm honestly not ready or wanting to move back to the states right now. I just do not feel it's in the best interest of our family and I don't feel it's time at all. Maybe in 3 years, maybe! :) Can you guess how much I love living here???

Ok well I need to get off and head to dream land.

God Bless


Sonya said...

Hi Christy, have a good school year. Nice that you start off with a devo. What a perfect way to start the day and in teaching the children that too!

Hope you get to stay there if you enjoy it so much. I'm now following you on Twitter. I've not been on it much lately.

TAke care.