Monday, July 12, 2010

in the quietness

I hear the rocking of Noah's swing as he sleeps in it peacefully (can I tell you how HUGE that is? He's 7 weeks old and in the last week he's decided he'll tolerate not being in my arms for the swing from time to time, so so so thankful for that wonderful device!), Emma's napping on the couch, and the boys are at the schwimbad (public pool) with one of their friends and his family, and Chad who's on leave is over at one of my friends hanging her ceiling fans so she doesn't melt in this almost unbearable heat that Germany's having. (It's in the 90's here and humidity is about 50%...but that's HOT for Germany which is a country that in general does not believe in a/c's...we have one but it's just not the same as central air...which I miss).

In the quietness I've been just simply thinking about GOD and his mercy. He knows our heartaches and he knows our joys. He knows when we're so excited over him and spreading him and he knows when we've hit that valley and we seem to keep him more to ourselves than spreading his goodness to all we come in contact with. That's what I am thinking about...those times when we're in the valley, when we're comfortable, and we're not quite jumping off rooftops singing our Lords praises. I think most of us spend a lot more time in the quiet valley's of worship and I'm going to guess that it's quite a comfortable place for most's the shouting for joy that's uncomfortable. I'm a girl who likes both, I LOVE sharing GOD's word, sharing his mercies, grace, and even his discipline in my life and others. But when he ALLOWS me these quiet moments I savior them and I realize that although I may be vocally quiet, others are still hearing me, seeing me, learning about my Savior from me. Hopefully they see his goodness and mercy and see the stumbles I've made and see that GOD gently and sometimes not so gently picks me back up and gets me going again. I couldn't make it a single day without our Father. I hope that even when I'm not singing from the mountain top his Praises, that others still come to know our Father. That they see even in the stillness of life, GOD is THERE. He's everywhere and he never is letting go of us.

I'm learning that I need to spend a little more time in the valley of life and just simply live as GOD has called me to live, because when he has me quiet, he's using someone else to sing his praises Loud and Proud. I hope when someone meets me no matter where I am, they see Christ. I most of all feel that right now my children need to see Christ through me, and my husband needs to see Christ in me. To see his mercy, grace, and submission. Submission isn't a dirty words ladies, it's a GODLY act of love to our husbands, but most of all it's an act of obedience and love to our LORD!

"Oh Lord help me to be the wife and the mother you call me to be. Let me be gentle, full of mercy and grace, with the correct amount of discipline for my children. Let me be submissive, gentle, merciful, and full of grace towards my husband as well. Let them look at me and know that Christ dwells with in me. It's my humble prayer. "


That corgi :) said...

amen to your prayer, Christy. I think submission is a good thing all around. great thoughts you shared! I could not live without God and his presence in my life. I think we do have peaks and valleys, highs and lows in our relationship with him and how we worship too. but you are right, he does know our heart and he knows our efforts when we try to live for him and spread his message to a world that needs to hear about him

glad it was a bit of a quiet house for you!


Beth in NC said...

Oh Christy, what a beautiful post. I could almost hear the swing rocking back and forth. I remember those days -- relishing the moments the little one slept.

I know what you mean about being in a place where you aren't necessarily on the mountain top. I've been hanging in that spot for a while now.

I especially need to be an example to my family (which I feel I fail daily).

Amanda said...

Amen Christy. I could have written this... although it would not be as beautiful as your hearts song.

Thank you for all you do to further His kingdom!!!