Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Chad

Today's update:

Chad had a MRI this morning and it showed that the 11th vertabrae is fine, but his 8th is torn. On Wednesday he'll have surgery on his shoulder and on his back to fix the vertabrae. His sternum will heal on its own. His pain is being managed better today, with thanks to some good drugs and an AWESOME GOD. The surgeon said he will be walking on Thursday and should be going on early next week.

We do absolutely know who the ultimate healer is and have been praising him through all of it and will continue to praise him. I could have easily lost my husband in this accident and those who have seen the humvee since the accident are not sure how him and his driver even got out of it because it's pretty well flattened, and that was after just one flip and going aprox 25 mph. This could have been much worse, but we praise JESUS for her mercies and protections.

The other soldier was released from the hospital. I do not have any other info yet other than he'd suffered a concussion. We're hoping to talk to him tomorrow to just check and see how he's doing and make sure he knows we are not blaming him. It was an accident and we know he obviously never intended this and do not want him ate up with guilt over this. We know GOD knew this would happen and his mercies were on them both. They easily could have met our Savior.

I will update either Wednesday or Thursday on how his surgery went. Please be in prayer for continued healing and pain management and for Chad's surgeon on Wednesday as he performs Chad's surgery.

In Christ Alone


Beth in NC said...

Hi Christy! I just came over and read about your husband. Praise God for His protection!

My nephew (Marines) had his hummer flip and it killed his gunner.

I pray God will use the hands of the doctors in Jesus'Name.

Bless you!

Linda said...

what does this mean for deployment? I mean, obviously, he won't be deploying with his unit, but have they given a time frame for recovery? I know the shoulder injury will take some healing, but the back injury...that's going to put him out of commission for a long time, I would think.

I'm praising God that this was not as serious as it could have been. I'm praising God there was no death...I'm praising God that this happened here, where he could be brought to a decent hospital right away. I'm raising prayers for God's guidance on the surgeon's hands...for God's healing hands upon Chad's shoulder, vertebrae and especially on the sternum (since it's got to heal naturally). May God also be with you as you parent your children through this, and may He be a balm to your soul as you deal with this, with God's hands guiding YOU as well.

He & Me + 3 said...

Praying for Chad. Thanks for sharing this.

That corgi :) said...

thank you Lord for Chad's safety through all of this! we know you are walking alongside him and Christy and we trust you will heal Chad completely!

hugs to you guys, Christy; will continue to pray!


Kelly Dawn said...

the "other kelly" sent me a text and updated me - just wanted to let you knwo i am praying for you both and the driver and the kiddos too - love love love you -


Becky said...

how are you doing with all this??
I had sent you a FB message and hadn't known what happened....praying here