Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When the year started I was planning on participating in the 365 days of photo's, but I've failed miserably. I instead decided to just try to take quite a few each week and that's worked out much better!!! So with that here you go. The first set are from Feb and then next is from January (which is noted.

Mr Blue Eyes

He's crawling

He was giggling so hard

In Daddy's Army Winter Weather Gear

Noah hugging Jacob

Jacob's big birthday gift
Emma and Me
My Valentine Flowers and the heart is from Jacob

Me and 4 of my GIFTS on my birthday
Jack,Noah,Me,Emma, & Jacob
From this point on below are all from January 2011


Jacob doing some school work



beautiful sunset from my back patio

When Noah was born the hospital had professional photographers and this was part of the package we bought. if you look closely you'll see Noah's feet as the background! Love this!!!