Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party (a little late)

Ultimate Blog Party 2011 So I'm late to the party! I'd like to say Fashionably late, but well I'm not the most fashionable girl, so I'll just say I'm late, I have kids, a hubby, homeschool, bible study, ballet class (for Emma), baseball practices, cleaning a house, taking care of a dog (that I only sort of like), oh and lets not get started on the stinking laundry (it IS my nemesis). So a little about myself for those who are new here, I guess read the above and you'll get a good portion of who I am! Lets start with the absolute, positively most important thing about me....I am a Christian! I believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord, he's my Savior, and I am absolutely nothing without him. I believe that unless you believe in him you will NOT be going to Heaven. I believe that if you have any other "ideas" of him you're wrong, you're not going to Heaven, and my heart truly aches for you. Next.....I'm the wife of Chad who happens to be a Soldier in the US ARMY. We just celebrated 14 years of marriage. We've had all sorts of ups and downs. We are about to go through our 6th Deployment. He was in an awful accident this past August, is truly blessed to have survived, it's amazing that he's walking, etc. He broke his left clavicle bone, tore his 7-11th vertabrae's, and fractured his sternum. He had surgery 3 days after the accident, they placed a titanium rod in his shoulder and one in his back, (sternum healed on its own). We went to see his surgeon almost 2 weeks ago and praise the LORD he's completely healed!!!! With that healing means he'll join his unit, which is already deployed here shortly. (I will not post the date for his safety). We have been blessed with 5 children so far! Jordyn would have turned 13 on March 30, yes would have is correct. When she was 2 years old she went home to Heaven. She was diagnosed with AML leukemia when she was 6 days from turning 1 year old. She fought so hard, but ultimately the Lord declared that her work was finished and she was mercifully taken home on May 8, 2000. We of course miss her, wonder what she'd be like, what she'd look like, etc but oh to know my sweet little girl is safe in the arms of Jesus, there's nothing more reassuring! We also have: Jacob:10, Jackson:7, Emma: 3, and Noah who's 10 months old (not sure how that's possible, because he was JUST born!! No seriously he was!). We homeschool our children. The Lord called our family to it and although it can be absolutely challenging, it's also a blessing! We have been homeschooling since Jacob was in kindergarten (so from the beginning). This year instead of me piecing their curc. I decided to go with Alpha Omega's Life Pac's! We love it! God is in everything, every subject from the beginning of time to now! Oh I guess I forgot to tell you where we're blessed to live. Germany! We have been here for almost 6 years and LOVE it! I truly feel so at home here. I can't describe it in words how much I love it here. I feel like this is where GOD wants us. We have been blessed to travel and see so many amazing places and hope to see many more before we're forced to move back stateside. My interests....PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel....aka Women's bible study that was started 56 years ago in Germany from some Army spouses who wanted fellowship time with fellow spouses). Reading (my favorites are Christian Fiction and Nonfiction, Nonfiction in General, History, travel books, and my favorite: The Bible...truly the greatest book ever written!). I love taking pictures of my children, although I would love to learn more in photography! I love antiques and have acquired a few beautiful pieces since living in Germany. I've become a lover of Zumba and working on getting healthier and thinner this year! Traveling, I love it and thrive on it! I can't wait for our next adventure and discovery! My favorite place so far is hands down: Ireland! So very beautiful, amazing, and just a striking country! So leave me a comment, and I look forward to getting to know you! God's Blessings


Our Lives said...

Germany and Ireland are the two places we would like to go on our 25th annivesary, Lord willing! :)
Came over from the UBP 2011...

The Family Stone said...

Found you from UBP--so glad I did! First of all, thanks so much for your service to our country. It's so nice to meet some other like minded bloggers!

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

I'm stopping in from the UBP for a quick visit, but, I can't wait to come back for a longer next time!
I, too, am a Christian mom who home schools my 4 kids!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment on our blog. It's nice to meet you and your family.

~ Melinda ~

Paige's Petals said...

Stopping by for a visit from the UBP! My name is Paige (#273)! So nice to meet you!


Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad I stopped by, I am a Christian homeschooling mama and possibly soon to be an Army wife (hubby is waiting on the paperwork to go through).

That corgi :) said...

I always enjoy reading about you Christy when you describe yourself; you always have your priorities in the right order:



praying for you all :)


Jessica said...

So nice to meet you. What a beautiful family you have. I am so so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I lost my daughter when she was 3 days old and I just can't imagine losing a two year old. You must have such strength, but I know how it is, I know that you just have to for all of your children.

It is wonderful to meet you.

Conni said...


Thank you so much for coming by and saying hello on my blog. I love your introductory "UBP" post!

I'm following you now through GFC.

I look forward to reading yoru blog. Where in Germany are you? We were stationed in Schweinfurt 1995-1998. I LOVED my time over there! -- It is also where I became a Christian, so it holds that special point of interest as well :-)

It is so nice to meet you!


Conny said...

As a former military (Army) spouse who LOVED being stationed in Germany (Wuerzburg), I was excited to find your blog. I too am a Christian - saved by grace alone! :)
Bless you for keeping the memory of your daughter alive - the one who now lives with Jesus, waiting for the rest of you to get there. I had a miscarriage in 2002, and I still mourn for that child - so I can't even begin to imagine what you must feel ... but GOD is still good, isn't He!! :) God bless.

Shelly said...

Stopping by from UPB11. Great to meet you! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I can't imagine how difficult that was for you!

If you have time, I hope you’ll stop by:

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Hi Christy,
Lovely to meet you through UBP. This is my first year and I am enjoying finding so many great blogs, like yours.


Gg - Notes on the Journey

ps. Thanks to your family for your service to our country. I am sad to read of the loss of your daughter.

Jessica Gardner said...

Stopped in from UBP 11. My first time participating! It's fun. Nice to meet your family!

Lisa said...

Hi there! I'm stopping by from the party! My husband is a Chaplain in the Army (Reserves) and we homeschool as well. I'm glad I found your site!

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Hi! I'm visiting from the UBP - #73 (Being Made New - on the Christian List. Very glad to get to know you a bit - like you, I have a "would be" daughter, my oldest who would be 12 in May. I also home-educate. I'm very interested in learning how you are homeschooling in Germany; is it because you are U.S. military? I hope you might be able to stop by my place, too. :^)

Tettelestai said...

oh christy, i got tears in my eyes with just your comment on my blog! thank you for sharing your faith. i am looking forward to getting to know you!! i have a dear friend over in germany also. we don't get to hit germany this round, maybe after the next 3 years.

i will be praying for you and your deployment. they just suck. thankfully we have a mighty Lord to walk through it with us, eh??

Jaimie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I have been reading through your blog and and it is so inspiring. I'm so sorry to hear about your precious daughter. You seem like an amazing woman. I don't know how you military wives do it, but it is good to hear you have a strong relationship with the Lord!! Hope you have a great week :)