Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something to Talk about

I just read an email sent from well the best way to describe it is a former friend. I wish her NO ill will, some friendships end. She was the head of the selection committee last year for the PWOC executive board. What that means is she selects a group of women who come together with her and they pray that God will give them discernment over who wants placed as the President, the VP, 2nd VP, Secretary, and Treasurer (although secretary and treasurer have different official names now). I've been part of the committee a couple years ago when one of my dearest friends was the selection head. To say that it can be stressful is putting it lightly. Our time together was often shared in great laughter, but we also took it very seriously and prayed so much together and individually. So anyways, I have absolutely no doubt that this person and her committee took this job very seriously and prayerfully. They put together an AMAZING board. Every woman that was placed are women I can personally say I adore and love and believe are amazing women of Christ. With that though, they all stepped down for various reasons, 3 of them were because they're moving. Yet God was VERY faithful and of course none of it was a surprise to him and a new board was in place in although not the way PWOC calls for it to be, in a Godly manner none the less and the new board is fabulous. I truly believe he placed the first group of women in their positions for their short season for a purpose and that purpose was completely served and brought Glory to GOD. I also believe this new board was created for the purpose to bring Glory to God.

I find out that a rumor is going around that I supposedly started, that I thought the person who selected the original board did so, to ultimately bring down PWOC, because she some how could predict the future and knew that board would "fail". I'm honestly so hurt and angry (and praying this is righteous anger) right now. I'm angry that such a rumor is even going around, much less that I started it. It's hateful, cruel, and ridiculous. The former friend emailed me and I am appreciative that she did and I've responded and of course told her I absolutely never said any of it, but told her to feel free to have the person who told her of this "rumor" to please come to me. The more I think about this the sadder I'm getting and now tears are falling. It's so hateful. I am NOT perfect and would love to say I have never gossiped as a Christian, but it's not true. I have and God in recent months has reconvicted me on this and I've been working hard to not only not gossip, but not participate in it (listening is participating).

I'm at a loss right now. Part of me wants to just scream, part of me wants to cry, and part of me says to just let it go...that Satan's attacking me and I can't and won't give him the upper hand.
Chad's sleeping so I can't go and talk to him about it, and I don't want to wake him over this.

I know God will lead me and I know I have to fully hand this over to him and let him deal with the person or persons who are not only gossiping, but full out lying.

Pro 16:28
A perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends.

Gossip hurts and destroys.


Cheryl said...

You seem to me to be handling this most difficult situation beautifully. You are being prayerful about it and seeking God's Word to lead you.

The person that started this rumor needs to be prayed for. Your heart will hopefully soften when you do pray for them, and maybe in the end this "rumor starter" will be drawn closer to Christ because of the way in which you and the other women handle the situation.

With Hope,

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Thank you for sharing this. A situation has come to light in my church this week that could very well result in the death of the church - yes, it is that bad - and this was a good reminder for me. My husband and I are fairly certain about what we will do if it all concludes as we think it will - and, though there are very hurtful things involved, I need to remember to hold my tongue about it all.