Friday, November 24, 2006


Ok, now I can be as indecisive as the next person, but well there's a limit. Have you ever met either IRL or online those who can never make up their mind and ALWAYS ask for opinions, yet never and I mean NEVER want to take them, make their life harder, complain, complain, complain, and then ask for more advice to fix their original problem, plus now a new one as well! Ahhhh! I can only handle so much!

Why ask for people's opinions when you've already made up your mind, but you're not confident enough, or just so needy for attention that you won't just do what you want to do in the first place. Sorry, I know here I am complaining, when without a doubt this gets on someone's nerves! LOL I try not to do it often, we all have to do it sometimes though when someone drives us bonkers.

Oh, the person I'm talking about, has an online blog that I read....lately she's been getting on my last nerve! Could you guess?! ha!

God Bless and I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sheri said...

Gotta tell ya, I am wracking my brain, "Is it me? Oh my gosh, do I come across that way? I certainly hope not" (So much for my extreme confidence! LOL)

Linda said...

Anybloggy I know???? HOpe not! Can't be me, I don't ask for opinions, lol! I just do it MY way and say, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!

Louie said...

I complain all the time! If it's me break it to me gently but all the same...BREAK IT TO ME!

Love the rant and we all gotta do it sometimes. You're a good listener though Christy and you're also a very upfront person. You say it like it is! So I know that if it were me you wouldn't hold anything back....right????

I know A LOT of people like that who are no longer in my life because of this very frustration. They want advice, you give it, they don't take it until a later date and then in the end, they take complete credit for that very same advice that you gave them and treat you as if you don't know what you're talking about!

Kelly said...

Damn.... sounds like me.