Friday, November 10, 2006

New Camera!

I got a new camera yesterday! I had a Kodak Easy Share which I really liked! It took great pictures, but the other day the battery lid got broke and now of course without the help of possibly the ever classy duct tape, I don't know how it'd stay closed. We're heading to Edelweiss in Garmish next week and I was feeling a little disappointed that I was going to be stuck using Chad's camera, which although it's new it's range isn't very good and I wanted something at least to the same quality if not better. We went to Power Zone yesterday to get a gift for a friend and while in there we decided to just look at camera's! They had a couple ones I was looking at. I finally decided on the Canon Powershot A640! I love it! It's got a 10.0 mp. So far the pictures are turning out wonderfully! There are 21 different shots I can use! It's really an awesome camera and I feel like I got it at a steal for only $349.00!

Here's the link to my new camera!!


Linda said...


My dream camera is a digital SLR...not gonna happen any time soon, though.

OH! By the way...I stopped in and Christian Books and talked to your friend. She was thrilled to hear things are okay there, and was happy to know that Chad was back. She is quite a sweet lady, you were right!