Sunday, July 15, 2007


I know it's not a close up of them, but this is Jack and Jacob at the entrance of Legoland in Germany!

Saturday we went to Legoland with a friend of ours and a friend of hers! In total there were 4 adults (Chad and I were two of them) and 7 children (our 2 boys, my friends 2, and her friends 2 plus a little girl she had for the weekend). We took the train down there. The ride down was uneventful and on time all the way. We had a great time there, but oh it was so hot! My friend's stroller has a themometer built in and out of the shade it was reading 116 degree's and trust me it felt like it, in the shade it said it was a cool 110 degree's and again it felt like it! We did find relief in the water, well we found an area where we could stick our feet into the water and it was frigid and yes I mean it, my feet went numb right beside it was another water area where the water would shoot out of the ground, Jacob and my friends son LOVED it!!!

It was a lot of fun, but I don't recommend going there 35 weeks pregnant and in the blazing heat. It was the first day of our little heat wave we're having in Germany (it's supposed to cool back into the 70's come Wednesday). We plan on going back down after the baby is born, maybe in September. It should be cooler and well I'll obviously be more comfortable! ;) We plan on driving for one and we are planning on getting a hotel the night before we go, so we can get there early and explore the whole place. Oh it's a true amusement park and also for those who don't know yes it's Lego's as in the toys and almost everything is made out of lego's. It's truly just a really cool place!

Now for our ride home, well that was anything but pleasant. Our train left at 8:05. We got there and there was a 5 minute delay. We get to our next stop and there was a 4 minute delay. From there we go to Nurnburg and we had to get on a BUS to take us to Erlangen (another city) to get on the train that would take us home. Let me just say ahhhhhh now! LOL We get to Nurnburg and can't find our bus. Chad goes and asks at info and we went as quickly as possible, hoping there was a bus for us. By the time we get there it was 10 minutes PAST when the bus was scheduled to leave, but he was still there and we were the first to get on, but before we left the bus was standing room only. The bus left 20 minutes after we got on. We get to Erlangen and the train was on a 30 minute delay. It finally arrives and they announce ANOTHER 30 minute delay. We finally take off towards home at 1 am. We get there about 1:45 am I think and get into the taxi's which was an issue in and of itself, but we get it figured out (it wasn't on our of the taxi drivers decided he needed a vehicle big enough for all of us, although there were 2 taxi's and they could fit all of us between the two! another ahhh!) thankfully another taxi showed up we all loaded in to our respective taxi's and we got to post a little after 2 am, walk the few blocks home from the front gate and we walked into our door at aprox 2:15 am. The boys got into bed, I took a shower, there was NO WAY I could sleep feeling that disgusting. Chad went to bed, and I actually got on here to wind down a little. I know wind down after that long train ride home, but I needed still! I chatted with my dear Kelly and then off to bed I went. The boys and Chad slept until a little after 10:00 and I slept until 11:30! Yeah we missed church.

This afternoon after we had some lunch, we went to the pool just off post. There was a long line to the entrance, but thankfully it went pretty quickly and we were able to get cooled off quickly! The water felt great and it was nice to just relax in the water while the kids all played!

So here's some pictures from our adventure at Legoland and a couple from our train ride home! :)

Chad, Jacob, and our friends son

Lego Family

Jakson in Thomas!!! He was so excited!

Jack and Jacob with Nero the dog!

Jacob and Jack looking at Munich Airport! The fire engine there sprayed water! They LOVED it!!

Huge Dino made out of, of course...Lego's!

Jacob, "B" (our friend), and Jack with Albert Einstein!

Soccer stadium (the one that's in Munich)

Jack one tired, tired boy!