Monday, October 29, 2007

The Ballet and Leaves Changing

Well Emma and I saw Sleeping Beauty for the Ballet and it was beautiful, amazing, and just spectacular! Truly those dancers were so talented it goes beyond words! The lead girl got up on her very tip toes multiple times. I've never been a dancer, but I know from having one of my best friends growing up that it's extremely difficult even with the special shoes. The poses they did was just well no doubt painful, yet they did it with such ease and grace!

Here's 2 pictures of Emma and I (we of course were not allowed to take pictures OF the ballet)...

Saturday we went and took a hike and looked at all the leaves in all their glory! Truly it's like God just paints our world with the beautiful colors! It was a great hike, we went up what I like to call a mini mountain, ok so it wasn't a mountain, but man that hill was far up and steep! Once up there it was totally worth the climb though! We walked through the woods down a path. It was really beautiful! After we came back, had lunch, and our boys went home with a friend because later they were having a sleep over at another friends house, Chad, Emma, and I headed to Graf to the new PX. On the way there the leaves were stunning as well! I made Chad pull over so I could take a couple pictures!

These were taken on our walk

Chad and I looking at Emma Our family with again our friends girl

(Our friends daughter on Chad's back)

On our way to Graf


Amber said...

Nice photos. Your baby is precious. I love the song, also! So sweet!